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October 26, 1931 to November 12, 2022- Kenneth was born in Tillamook, Oregon to Harvey and Dorothy Moon. He passed away at the home of his daughter, Karyn.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Kenneth Arden MoonKenneth Arden Moon was born October 26, 1931 in Tillamook, Oregon to Harvey and Dorothy Moon. He died November 12, 2022 at the home of his daughter, Karyn. Ken is survived by his brother, Stephen Mead, sisters Janet Miller and Jacquie Moon-Fields, children Karyn (Moon) Williams and Bradley Moon, 6 grandchildren (Kevin, Amanda, Alex, Mark, Kendra, and Violet), and 3 great-grandchildren (Connor, Emmanuelle, and Kenny). Ken was preceded in death by Linda Moon, his wife of 63 years Ken attended Shattuck Elementary and Hill Military Academy in Portland, Oregon. At 17 he joined the US Air Force, working as as Intelligence Analyst. Following his enlistment in the Air Force, Ken served in the Merchant Marines during the Korea Conflict. He had multiple interests and worked as a salesman, draftsman, and grocery store clerk before becoming Superintendent of the Boring Water District. After retiring, Ken continued working for many years for his business, Ken Moon Water Main Tapping. Ken had an early interest in computers, attending classes in the 60's and spending the rest of his life building and modifying computers and programs. He enjoyed games, especially chess and pinochle and enjoyed winning. He was a prolific storyteller about his experiences and family and it was not unusual for him to be laughing so hard at a humorous anecdote that it was difficult to finish the story. A celebration of Ken's life will be held at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, November 26, 2022 at Sandy Funeral Home, 39551 Pleasant Street, Sandy, Oregon.

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