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Story sponsored by Cascade Direct Primary Care. Cascade Direct Primary Care is modern medicine the old fashioned way.

Dr.Ericson at Cascade Direct Primary CareSooner or later, we all get sick but not everyone who gets sick seeks advice from a

physician. Why? It's because going to see your doctor is almost always expensive and

inconvenient. But it doesn't have to be. Have you heard about direct primary care? DPC is

a new model for delivering primary health care and its simplicity is its genius. As a member

of a PC practice, you pay a low monthly membership fee, averaging around 75 to $105 a

month. That membership gives you an all-access 24/7 pass to your doctor through office

visits, phone calls, text messaging, email, and even virtual office visits.

We're happy to see you in person, but we get it. It's the 21st century so we give you the

tools to reach us from your home, your car, the office, the store, or even on your vacation.

The goal of DPC is to make it easy and affordable to get the help you need whenever and

wherever you need it. Your DPC doctor can take care of 80-90% of your healthcare needs,

refer you to specialists and will help you navigate through the other parts of the healthcare

system should the need arise. Its traditional care the oldfashioned

way with today's technology.

DPC isn't a replacement for insurance that covers

catastrophic events. So, you might be thinking, I already have

insurance. Why do I need DPC? Even with insurance the outof-

pocket costs of health care (copays, deductibles) add up

fast? A visit to urgent care, lab test or a trip to the ER could

each cost more than your entire annual DPC membership.

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