Ford and Dodge are bringing robots to the 2019 Portland International Auto Show January 24- to 27 at the Oregon Convention Center.

YOUTUBE - Hank the Robot will perform at the Ford dispaly at the 2019 Portland International Auto Show.As always, the most popular features of the Portland International Auto Show will be returning in 2019.

Visitors will be able to once again experience the latest new cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles, and there will still be ride-and-drive opportunities, custom car builds and information about hybrids and electric vehicles.

However, there's one new feature you won't want to miss: interactive robots from Ford and Dodge will be on hand to welcome visitors to the show.

Hank the Robot is a creation of Ford Motor Company, but he's really more of a puppet. A human actor wearing a special suit is able to translate his physical movements to the robot. Hank is equipped with speakers and a microphone, so the actor can hear questions and respond to visitors.

YOUTUBE - Dodge will bring Gigamaxx to the 2019 Portland International Auto Show.

Dodge will host a 9-foot-tall robot called Gigamaxx at the show. Unlike Hank, Gigamaxx operates on his own programming to interact with people. He might look a little intimidating, but by all accounts, Gigamaxx is friendly.

A robot exhibit might seem like just good fun, but there's a point to it. The automotive industry is becoming increasingly automated. Ford is currently using collaborative robots, also known as co-bots, to help fit shock absorbers to Fiesta cars in Cologne, Germany. The robot assistant ensures perfect fitment, and helps workers avoid having to strain to access hard-to-reach places in the car.

The 2019 Portland International Auto Show will take place from January 24- 27, 2019 at the Oregon Convention Center.

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