The High Visibility Enforcement Campaign, conducted Dec. 15, 2017, through Jan. 1, 2018, resulted in the arrests along with one MIP citation.

During the Tigard Police Department's most recent High Visibility Enforcement Campaign, which ran Dec. 15, 2017, through Jan. 1, 2018, five drivers were arrested for DUII and one driver charged was charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol.

In addition, Tigard police initiated 60 additional motorist contacts resulting in the issuance of a citation or warning for other violations including speeding and driving while suspended during the two-week-long safety campaign.  Police officials say they plan to continue participation in the grant-funded program, which focuses on extra police officers patrolling with the primary focus of arresting impaired drivers.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration-sponsored campaign is credited with improving the safety of our roads, especially during the holiday season and other times when alcohol typically is consumed such as when major televised sporting events air.

The next planned enforcement campaign is set for February, throughout Super Bowl weekend.  For more information on what is being done to make highways and roads safer, visit

In addition, you can find more information on how the Tigard Police Department is working to help keep you safe at

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