This week's calls for service include: a prune-picking trespasser, foreplay on a playground and a lot of graffiti.


The Tigard Police Department reported the following arrests from Sept. 5 to Sept. 11: disorderly conduct (1), driving under the influence of intoxicants (1), drug offense (1), theft (1), warrant (7).

Monday, Sept. 11

• Two men fought and rolled around on the floor as bystanders looked on at Dick's Sporting Goods, 9402 S.W. Washington Square Road.

• A resident of the 9000 block of Washington Square Road said someone had "messed with" and moved her cable box, but there was no sign of forced entry. She reported that things seemed to be "out of place" recently and wondered if someone was playing a joke on her.

• Pressure washer equipment in the 7000 block of Hampton Street was stolen.

• A loose dog was reported in the area of Riverwood Lane and Woodcrest Avenue.

• A stop sign at the corner of North Dakota Street and Springwood Drive was tagged with graffiti.

• A man in the 9200 block of 74th Avenue allegedly came into someone's yard and picked their prunes despite being asked to desist and leave her property.

• A woman reportedly threw garbage on the sidewalk in front of Symposium Coffee, 12345 S.W. Main St.

• After he yelled at a motorist speeding through the parking lot of Sky High Sports Trampoline Park, 11131 S.W. Greenburg Road, to slow down, a man said, someone got out of the vehicle and started yelling at him in return.

• A patient at Gentle Dental, 10115 S.W. Nimbus Ave., used profanity and refused to leave.

• The front license plate was stolen from a vehicle in the 9900 block of North Dakota Street.

• A motorist in the area of Durham and Upper Boones Ferry roads believed someone threw a rock at her vehicle, but she later concluded it had been a falling tree branch.

• A dog barked inside a vehicle parked in the 7700 block of Pfaffle Street.

• A resident of the 11100 block of Greenburg Road was annoyed by someone who kept knocking at the door and then hiding in the bushes. This has been an ongoing issue.

Sunday, Sept. 10

• A dog barked all night in the 11000 block of 79th Avenue.

• The steering column of a vehicle was broken in an apparent attempted auto theft in the 9600 block of North Dakota Street.

• A dog was left inside a vehicle parked outside Walmart, 7600 S.W. Dartmouth St., for at least 20 minutes.

• A man heard someone jiggle his door in the 9300 block of Maplewood Drive.

• A lawnmower and gas cans were stolen from a shed in the 7500 block of Crestview Street.

• A man and a woman were seen fighting at the Tigard Transit Center, 8972 S.W. Commercial St., with the man appearing to tear the woman's shirt.

Saturday, Sept. 9

• A bulldog that got loose and ran around in the 10800 block of Canterbury Lane was returned to its owner.

• Someone became suspicious upon seeing a man standing near the intersection of 103rd Avenue and McDonald Street holding a sign reading "free carwash."

• A construction crew was suspected of breaking a fence in the 13600 block of Hall Boulevard.

• After buying an Apple Watch on the internet, a resident of the 14800 block of Jonagold Terrace found the device was locked, leading them to suspect it was stolen property.

• A parent at Costco, 7850 S.W. Dartmouth St., said someone in the men's restroom made an inappropriate comment to his 6-year-old son.

• Three teenage boys or young men allegedly sneaked up behind people in the 9500 block of Washington Square Road, hit them on the back and then ran off.

• Three people were seen swimming at Summer Lake Park, 11450 S.W. Winterlake Dr.

Friday, Sept. 8

• Two pit bulls wandered loose in the 8600 block of Inez Street.

• Someone broke through a window screen and stole a laptop computer and other items from a residence in the 10500 block of Highland Drive.

• A man allegedly masturbated in full view of passersby at the top of the Highway 217 on-ramp at Pacific Highway.

• A customer who appeared to be confused argued with other shoppers at Walmart, 7700 S.W. Dartmouth St.

• A vehicle was broken into and a garage door opener and vehicle key were stolen from within in the 13300 block of Brittany Drive.

• A man allegedly harassed customers, asking if they wanted to buy drugs and seeming to try to pick fights with them when they declined, outside WinCo, 7501 S.W. Dartmouth St.

• A man allegedly threatened his father-in-law in the 10000 block of Walnut Street.

• A man who may have been on drugs was kicked out of Lu's Sports Bar & Lounge, 11530 S.W. Pacific Hwy., after he sat on the couch with his pants around his ankles and refused to leave.

• A parent accused a man of shoving a 10-year-old child in the 11800 block of 91st Avenue.

Thursday, Sept. 7

• After another man opening a car door hit and dented his vehicle, a man in the 9000 block of Hall Boulevard suspected him of doing it on purpose.

• A student at Mary Woodward Elementary School, 12325 S.W. Katherine St., allegedly punched a teacher in the throat.

• A resident of the 13800 block of Box Elder Street reported receiving a harassing letter. This has been an ongoing issue.

• A generator was reported stolen from a construction site in the 12100 block of 70th Avenue.

• A man refused to leave XAG Solutions, 11795 S.W. Greenburg Road.

• Someone was seen erecting a tent on a vacant property in the 10100 block of Tigard Street.

• Two people were suspected of "getting close to having sex" on the playground at Commercial Park, 9160 S.W. Center St.

• A man yelled at birds and threw tree trimmings in the 11400 block of Winterlake Drive.

• A man allegedly hit someone in the face in the 15600 block of Upper Boones Ferry Road.

• A moviegoer at Regal Cinemas, 7329 S.W. Bridgeport Road, reported a disturbance in the theater as someone started yelling at another person to "get out."

Wednesday, Sept. 6

• A man called police to report that someone was banging on his door in the 13200 block of Chelsea Loop. It turned out that the police were the ones at his door.

• A report of a dead body in the 13000 block of Watkins Avenue was made.

• A vehicle parked in a garage with the door left open overnight was entered and a purse stolen from within in the 13000 block of Falcon Rise Drive.

• Two men appeared to fight in front of Harbor Freight Tools, 14385 S.W. Pacific Hwy.

• A tractor was reported stolen from Tigard Tire and Auto Service, 11596 S.W. Pacific Hwy.

• A man who appeared to be drunk was seen laying in a dry grassy area with a lit cigarette near the intersection of Spruce Street and 72nd Avenue.

• Someone apparently trying to steal a bicycle locked up outside Target, 9009 S.W. Hall Blvd., instead damaged it, with its owner finding pieces of it missing.

• A man was seen going door-to-door in the 15000 block of Dawn Court while wearing a breathing mask.

• Someone trying to buy a dog on the internet in the 11800 block of Aspen Ridge Drive reported that the seller kept asking them for more money and accusing them of breaking the law by not paying them more.

• A wanted suspect reportedly ran from police in the 9000 block of Hall Boulevard.

Tuesday, Sept. 5

• A man reported someone was going through his trash in the area of Bond Street and 79th Avenue.

• A trash can was reported stolen in the 16000 block of 77th Terrace.

• A man in the 11900 block of North Dakota Street complained that his ex-girlfriend would not leave him alone.

• A car and house were egged in the 14200 block of Mistletoe Drive.

• The exterior back door of a house listed for sale in the 10500 block of 72nd Avenue was removed and the glass on the interior door broken out. A window was also found to be broken.

• A dog was seen inside a car with the windows rolled up in the parking lot of Walmart, 7600 S.W. Dartmouth St.

• A man allegedly assaulted a customer at Rite Aid, 12080 S.W. Main St.


The Tualatin Police Department reported the following from Sept. 5 to Sept. 11: 663 calls for service, 15 traffic crashes and 13 arrests.

Monday, Sept. 11

• A Tigard man was arrested for violating the terms of his probation in the area of Nyberg Street and the Interstate 5 on-ramp after allegedly being found on the side of the road passed out drunk.

Sunday, Sept. 10

• A resident of the 19800 block of 68th Avenue complained of a bicycle having been left in his driveway. He wanted it removed.

• A Tualatin man was arrested for drunken driving on Interstate 5 at the Nyberg Street exit.

Saturday, Sept. 9

• About $280 in items was stolen from a vehicle in the 17700 block of Lower Boones Ferry Road.

Thursday, Sept. 7

• A Tualatin man was arrested on an outstanding warrant at Shari's, 19365 S.W. Martinazzi Ave., after he and two others were reported for an alleged disturbance.

• Graffiti was applied to the wall of a vacant apartment in the 19600 block of Boones Ferry Road.

• Graffiti was reported in the 6800 block of Wampanoag Drive.

• License plates were stolen from a vehicle in the 7000 block of Nyberg Street.

• A compound bow was reported stolen from Cabela's, 7555 S.W. Nyberg St.

• A Portland man was cited for driving under the influence of intoxicants in the area of 90th Avenue and Sweek Drive.

• Fence boards were damaged at Townshend's Tea Co., 12241 S.W. Myslony St., evidently by someone trying to gain access to a recycling enclosure.

Wednesday, Sept. 6

• A wall at MITCH Charter School, 19550 S.W. 90th Ct., was tagged with graffiti.

• An item reported stolen in the burglary of a Lake Oswego business was found in a dumpster in the 9600 block of Tualatin-Sherwood Road.

• A Tualatin man was cited for trespassing at Tualatin Commons Park, 7880 S.W. Nyberg St., after previously being advised he was not welcome in city parks.

• Willamette Graystone, 19477 S.W. 89th Ave., was tagged with graffiti.

• An Oregon City woman was arrested for theft after allegedly stealing cash from her employer, Motel 6, 17959 S.W. McEwan Road.

Tuesday, Sept. 5

• Two company vehicles in the 19300 block of 65th Avenue were unlawfully entered.

• A trailer was stolen from Columbia River Knife and Tool, 18348 S.W. 126th Pl.

• Books were reportedly taken from a community book box in the 20400 block of 93rd Avenue.

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