Two small earthquakes were reported along Tualatin River

No damage was reported in downtown Sherwood or any other part of the city related to Sunday night's quake. (Image is Clickable Link) Two small earthquakes were reported along Southwest Scholls-Sherwood Road on Sunday night.Residents across the area were rocked by a 3.3 magnitude earthquake on Sunday night, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

No injuries or damage was reported, but according to the USGS, the quake was felt as far away as Sandy and Battle Ground, Wash.

AThe small earthquake was centered about five miles northwest of Sherwood, near the Tualatin River along Southwest Scholls-Sherwood Road and Highway 210.

The quake might not have caused much damage, but geologists say it may have exposed a new fault line that was hidden for centuries after massive flooding at the end of the last ice age.

“It’s below all the sediment from the Missoula floods,” said Scott Burns, a geologist and professor at Portland State University. “There are a lot of faults we don’t know about because earthquakes and faults have not been a priority in Oregon.”

Experts know where nearly every fault line is in California, where earthquakes are more common, Burns said, but state officials only know about the major faults in Oregon.

“The obvious ones have all been mapped, but some of the ones that are hidden by sediments, they haven’t been,” Burns said.

Many of the smaller faults are never found until there’s seismic activity, such as the Sherwood earthquake.

Once it’s found, experts want to know how active it is, when the last time a quake hit, and what’s the biggest magnitude quake that can happen on that fault line.

A 1.6 magnitude earthquake was reported 10 minutes earlier, according to the PNSN.

“We heard kind of suddely this loud crash, metallic maybe like a ladder falling down,” said Sherwood resident Peter Laughlin. “We looked, we couldn’t find anything.”

Laughlin said he figured out it was an earthquake when be began receiving text messages from his friends.

Laughlin said he figured out it was an earthquake when be began receiving text messages from his friends.

Longtime Old Town resident Odge Gribble said she felt the quake.

"At the time, I was standing up and my legs started to shake a little bit," said Gribble, who first thought maybe she was having some sort of medical incident. "The thought went through my mind... earthquake."

Mike Verkest, who lives near Hunter's Ridge, felt the quake as well, describing it as a "roll....kinda up and down three times."

Sherwood resident Shelby Crecraft said she felt "a sharp jolt at our house."

Sherwood City Manager Joe Gall said that other then comments on Twitter and Facebook, he's heard very little talk about the earthquake.

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - This meme, or an alternate version of it, is making the rounds on the internet.Public Works Director Craig Sheldon and Sherwood Police Deparment spokesman Ty Hanlon said there were no reports of property damage.

"Nothing happened," he said. "No calls. No damage. No excitement."

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