Singing soul

Singing soul

Garden Home teenager makes her debut in Portland's indie music scene. Stop me if you’ve...

What you need to know about lead in Portland Public Schools

What you need to know about lead in Portland Public Schools

What happened? After urging from parents, the district conducted lead tests at three schools this...

Remembering photojournalist David Gilkey

Remembering photojournalist David Gilkey

NPR photographer, killed Sunday in Afghanistan, was Portland resident, Wilson High alum U.S....

Lead concerns shut off some water at arts center, Children's Museum and Fulton Center

Lead concerns shut off some water at arts center, Children's Museum and Fulton Center

Drinking fountains at the Multnomah Arts Center in Southwest Portland have been taken out of...

Open for business

Open for business

Multnomah Village welcomes a flood of new shops this spring Multnomah Village has long been known...

Hales keeps promise to close Sears Shelter

Hales keeps promise to close Sears Shelter

'No one will go back on the street,' shelter operator says When the Sears Armory building in...

Wheeler is now mayor-elect; Novick faces runoff

Wheeler is now mayor-elect; Novick faces runoff

UPDATE: Emmons and Eudaly just one vote apart in late returns Ted Wheeler and Steve Novick wanted...

Walking strong

Walking strong

Shani Fox, a Multnomah doctor who coaches cancer survivors, plans to celebrate her 60th birthday...

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INSIDERS (Sponsored Content)

Brought to you by Todd Gifford, DMD, Gifford Family Dentistry - Dental INSIDER -

Todd Gifford, DMD, Gifford Family DentistryParents, please take note. Just because baby teeth are temporary doesn't mean they should be ignored.

Adopting good habits early will pay off for your child's oral health down the road. Maintaining healthy baby teeth until their natural exfoliation yields a multitude of benefits. Baby teeth help shape your child’s speech, facilitate proper chewing and eating, and act as important placeholders for permanent teeth.

For best results, follow these guidelines from the American Dental Association:

From birth (before teeth erupt): Wipe gums clean with a moistened gauze or cloth

Age birth to 3 (teeth present): Brush twice daily for two minutes with a small smear of fluoride toothpaste*

Ages 3-6: Brush twice daily for two minutes, using a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste*

Any age when teeth touch: Add flossing to the daily routine

Pay a visit to your local dentist before your child's first birthday or within six months of the first tooth erupting, whichever comes first.

Early dental visits help your child become comfortable with dental professionals, preparing them for a lifetime of good care without fear. Getting regular checkups is also key to finding and correcting any issues that may impact your child’s oral health.

Note: Fluoride toothpaste should not be swallowed. If you feel your child is not yet able to spit well during tooth brushing, substitute with non-fluoride toothpaste until they can. In this scenario, a great option is CariFree CTx3, available on and in select dental offices.

Gifford Family Dentistry

1616 SW Sunset Blvd., Ste E

Portland, OR 97239


Brought to you by Todd Gifford, DMD, Gifford Family Dentistry - DENTAL INSIDER -

GIFFORD FAMILY DENTISTRY - Todd Gifford, DMDBruxism is defined as excessive teeth grinding and jaw clenching. For many, this condition goes unnoticed until symptoms begin to surface.

Symptoms may include:

• Teeth grinding or clenching loud enough to wake others

• Flattened, fractured, chipped or loose teeth

• Increased sensitivity of the teeth

• Soreness or tightness in the jaw or face

• A dull headache or earache

Psychological and physical causes can include anxiety, stress, anger or frustration; poorly aligned teeth; sleep apnea; and certain medications.

Custom therapeutic nightguards are a great treatment option for bruxism.

Look for a dentist who has special training to fabricate a custom therapeutic night guard that can help prevent further damage to your teeth, while also inhibiting your subconscious desire to engage in bruxism while sleeping.

“Facebow” and “Centric Relation” are terms you should listen for when your dentist explains how he or she fabricates such nightguards.

A custom therapeutic nightguard requires more than a simple impression of your upper and lower teeth and is much better than anything that can be purchased over the counter or via the internet.

By better understanding the symptoms, causes and treatments of bruxism, you will be better able to find the relief you need, protect your smile from damage, and grind this destructive habit to a halt.

Gifford Family Dentistry

1616 SW Sunset Blvd., Ste E

Portland, OR 97239


Brought to you by Dr. Todd Gifford, Gifford Family Dental - Dental INSIDER -

Dr. Todd Gifford, Gifford Family DentalIn terms of aesthetics, patient satisfaction and successful outcomes, dental implants are your best option for replacing missing or badly damaged teeth.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is carefully inserted into your jaw and is able to support a single tooth, a multi-unit bridge or even a full denture. Implants are for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to conditions such as periodontal disease, a traumatic injury or decay and also for replacing congenitally missing teeth.

The American Society of Implant & Reconstructive Dentistry (ASIRD) is a nationwide not-for-profit association dedicated to educating consumers on the value of dental implants and the importance of choosing an experienced surgeon and dentist team recognized for having a collaborative relationship to ensure optimal results.

Patients of ASIRD surgeon/dentist teams describe dental implant treatment as much better than fixed bridges or removable dentures. They also report being more confident in public situations because of the comfort and security implants offer.

The initial cost for an implant is typically more than a fixed bridge or denture. However, because of longevity and minimal maintenance requirements, an implant costs less in the long run while delivering a substantially better quality of life and health for the patient.

Are you considering one or more dental implants? A free, no-obligation consultation is just a phone call away. Learn more today at

Gifford Family Dentistry

1616 SW Sunset Blvd., Suite E

Portland, OR 97239


Brought to you by Todd Barth of Home Instead Senior Care, SENIOR CARE INSIDER


Research conducted by Home Instead, Inc., indicates that as the number of prescription medications a senior takes increases, so do that senior’s potential health risks.

Nearly 20 percent of seniors surveyed taking five or more prescription medications have reportedly experienced challenges in managing their medication regimen ~ including keeping track of which medications they have taken and when. Making a mistake when taking medications can have devastating effects. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention reports that 100,000 older adults end up in the hospital each year because of an adverse drug event.

“We take medication administration very seriously. Our goal at Home Instead is to give the community and our clients resources and educational opportunities to remain safe in their homes,” said Todd Barth, owner of Hillsboro’s Home Instead franchise. “Sometimes seniors think they are being diligent in consistently taking their medication, but in reality they get sidetracked and forget. Depending on the medication, this could seriously cause a health challenge or death.”

To provide families with resources to help identify potential pitfalls regarding medications for seniors, the Home Instead Senior Care network has introduced “Let’s Talk about Rx.”

Upcoming forums: April 6: 3 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Tips on Parkinson's, Avamere Retirement Community/Parkinson Support Group, 2400 Gable Rd., St. Helen's; April 9: 2 p.m.-3 p.m. Let's Talk About RX, Rosewood Park Retirement Community, 2405 S.E. Century Blvd., Hillsboro; April 19: 9:30 a.m.-Noon Fraud, Scams and Safe Medication Disposal, Calvary Lutheran Church, 58251 S. Division Rd., St. Helen’s. RSVP, 503-203-6724.



1400 N.E. 48th Avenue

Hillsboro, Oregon 97124

Dr. Todd Gifford - Gifford Family Dentistry - Dental INSIDER -

GIFFORD FAMILY DENTISTRY - Todd Gifford, DMDVeneers are an excellent option for patients seeking a straighter, whiter smile.

Improvements in dental materials now allow dentists to deliver the shape and shade you always wanted. This cosmetic dental procedure requires minimal reduction of natural tooth structure and is long-lasting. With proper homecare and regular professional checkups, your new veneers could last a lifetime.

The most common problems causing a veneer to fail are tooth decay on the natural tooth structure supporting the veneer and porcelain chipping in patients that clench or grind during the day.

In many cases, these problems can be resolved without the need to replace the veneer with simple smoothing or a “patch” filling. If the damage is more extensive and a veneer requires replacement, only the single veneer often needs to be replaced.

The process includes an initial consultation, approval of your final smile design, the actual treatment appointment and the delivery of the final veneers.

Veneers are comparable in cost to crowns. As an elective procedure, traditional dental insurance usually does not help with the cost. At your initial consultation visit, your custom treatment plan will be created and all costs will be communicated prior to any work being done – no surprises.

Are you ready to improve your face value? Ask your local dentist about veneers today.

Gifford Family Dentistry

1616 SW Sunset Blvd., Ste E

Portland, OR 97239


Brought to you by Todd Gifford, DMD, Gifford Family Dentistry - DENTAL INSIDER -

Todd Gifford, DMD, Gifford Family DentistryPatients deserve the best information available to make informed decisions about dental treatment. What is in the patient’s long-term best interest should be the driving force behind each recommendation presented.

Dr. Gifford used this approach to grow a thriving dental practice built on high quality care, trust and mutual respect.

Established as a scratch, startup general dentistry practice in 2010, Gifford Family Dentistry now cares for over 1100 active patients and has amassed more than 150 five-star reviews online. “The highlight of our day is receiving positive feedback from our family of patients,” says Dr. Gifford. “We genuinely care for them, and it means the world to us that they appreciate our efforts.”

While Gifford Family Dentistry provides comprehensive care for all ages of patients, Dr. Gifford has a special interest in dental implant restorations and cosmetic veneers. He is a member of the “by invitation-only” American Society of Implant and Reconstructive Dentistry, and is nationally recognized for superior implant restoration education and treatment success history.

Following six years in the Army, he completed the eight years of higher education required to become a dentist, graduating from Oregon Health & Science University in 2007.

Dr. Gifford’s credentials make him an INSIDER, but he’s also felt the call to be a leader both inside and outside his profession.

Gifford Family Dentistry

1616 SW Sunset Blvd., Suite E, Portland


Brought to you by Steve Stolze - SLS Custom Homes - BUILDING INSIDER -

SLS CUSTOM HOMES - Steve StolzeIf you’re tired of your home’s outdated look or the floor plan no longer fits your family’s needs, you might be tempted to put it on the market. But why move? Make your old home new again. That’s what Steve Stolze of SLS Custom Homes and Remodeling tells potential clients.

SLS Homes has been wowing clients with beautiful remodels and new homes for over 30 years. Steve who served as mayor of Tualatin from 1988 to 1994, has over 50 years of experience in home remodeling and building.

They have completed some gorgeous projects, full of hardwood floors, gleaming appliances, soaring ceilings, and elegant fireplaces.

But just as important as beautiful design is sticking to a budget and staying on schedule.

“Steve worked with us to design exactly what we wanted,” writes Eric Eichelberger. “He gave us a price range and stayed within the estimate. He said he could do the work in six to eight weeks, and we were back cooking in our new kitchen less than eight weeks”.

Steve has been awarded the Remodeler of the Year award by the Professional Remodelers Organization of Metro Portland. SLS has also expanded their work in Accessibility Modification and Aging in Place upgrades to homes to allow those with specific needs the ability to live as normal a life as possible in their own home.

Steve says his company’s 30-year track record speaks for itself. “We are on time, on budget, and we do what we say we are going to do,” he says.

Visit their website for remodeling before and after photos.

SLS Custom Homes and Remodeling

PO Box 1093, Tualatin, OR 97062

(503) 691-9878

Brought to you by Dr. Todd Gifford, DMD, Gifford Family Dentistry - DENTAL INSIDER

Todd Gifford, DMD - Gifford Family DentistryDr. Todd Gifford knows that every patient deserves a choice.

To ensure that, the staff at Gifford Family Dental listen attentively, answer every client concern and provide the most up to date information available about each possible treatment plan.

By doing so, Dr. Gifford has established a relationship built on trust and mutual respect.

The public has already taken notice. Established in 2010, Gifford Family Dental has already amassed more than 150 five-star reviews online.

“My name is on the door, it’s a small community and it’s my reputation,” Dr. Gifford says. “So our approach is to be gentle, friendly and honest, so patients feel like this is there home away from home.”

Gifford Family Dental specializes in pediatric, general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. A member of the invitation-only American Society of Implant and Reconstructive Dentistry, Dr. Gifford has become an industry leader in implants.

After spending six years of active duty as an Army Medical Lab Tech, Dr. Gifford used the G.I. bill to attend the honors college at Oregon State University, eventually graduating from the Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry in 2007.

He’s also a member of the American Dental Association, the Multnomah Dental Society and the Oregon Academy of General Dentistry.

Dr. Gifford’s credentials make him an INSIDER, but he’s felt the call to be a leader both inside and outside his profession.

At OHSU, he was elected class president for four years consecutively, while simultaneously serving as dental school president for three years. He says his goal is to maintain a standard of excellence for all Oregon dentists.

Gifford Family Dentistry

1616 SW Sunset Blvd, Suite E, Portland


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MAP COURTESY OF THE CITY OF TIGARD - Planners for the Southwest Corridor transit project have not yet identified exact route alignments for the proposed MAX light rail line. They are studying several possible alignments that would serve downtown Tigard.
June 29, 2016

Tigard to vote on authorizing Southwest Corridor project

by Mark Miller
Vote likely to determine whether proposed MAX line goes forward. This story has been updated from its original version. The stage is set for a local election in Tigard that officials say will…
June 27, 2016

Former NFL player shot in West Hills faces nationwide warrant

by KOIN 6 News
DA's Office and grand jury will review a homeowner's use of deadly force. The former National League Football player shot last Wednesday in a West Hills neighborhood by a homeowner during a…
COURTESY PHOTO: KOIN 6 NEWS - Parents and community members carried signs like this during a Tuesday  evening protest at the Portland Public Schools board meeting. About 100 people marched and protested at the board meeting.
June 22, 2016

Protest shouts down PPS board; Smith to retire in 2017

by Pamplin Media Group
About 100 people protested loudly during Tuesday evening’s Portland Public School board meeting, calling on district officials to take action on tainted water and dangerous chemicals found in…

TRIBUNE PHOTO: JONATHAN HOUSE - Xander Perkins looks for the owner of a lost pomeranian as he carries him up the hill at Roger Tilbury Park in Beaverton. This photo won first place in lifestyle photography for a non-daily news source in the 2016 Northwest Excellence in Journalism awards.
June 20, 2016

Pamplin newspapers win top honors in regional contest

by Pamplin Media Group
Three first-place wins and a total of seven awards for Northwest news Pamplin Media Group newspapers won seven awards from the Society of Professional Journalists Region 10 contest. The…
COURTESY PHOTO: NPR - An undated photo provided by NPR shows Zabihullah Tamanna, left, and David Gilkey. Gilkey, a veteran news photographer and video editor for National Public Radio, and Tamanna, an Afghan translator, were killed while on assignment in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, June 5.
June 07, 2016

Friend says NPR photographer Gilkey 'drawn' to tell stories in…

by Oregon Public Broadcasting
David Gilkey, a photographer for National Public Radio and a former Portlander, died Sunday, June 5, when the five-vehicle Afghan Army convoy they were in was ambushed by Taliban soldiers in…
PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: LESLIE PUGMIRE HOLE - Cloud City Garrison has members from throughout western Oregon and southwest Washington; member march every year in the Starlight Parade.
June 05, 2016

Starlight Parade returns for its 40th go-round of nighttime…

by Leslie Pugmire Hole
Heat wave fails to deter thousands from packing Portland's downtown to watch annual night parade And the crowd went wild. Attendees at the 40th annual Starlight Parade in Portland June 4 might…
COURTESY: WILSON HIGH - Wilson Trojans athletes for a letter-of-intent signing day ceremony on Monday.
June 01, 2016

School Briefs: Changes coming to Hayhurst, Rieke; Wilson…

by The Connection
Wilson High athletes celebrate college signings Fourteen athletes at Wilson High gathered May 2 for a letter-of-intent signing day ceremony. Those taking part included (in photo, from left)…
June 01, 2016

College Notes

by The Connection
Azusa Pacific University Carson Hall of Portland graduated May 7 with a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, Calif. Graceland University Ryan Nilsen of…
CONNECTION PHOTO: KELSEY O'HALLORAN - Lainie Hoalst, a seventh-grader at West Sylvan Middle School, uses a power drill to put the finishing touches on her group's ball-toss game at the Tinker Camp-led Maker Experience program.
June 01, 2016

Middle school 'makers' create a cardboard arcade

by Kelsey O'Halloran
Hands-on projects power STEM learning in Portland Public Schools' new 'Maker Experience' program Lights flashed, power drills whirred and plastic golf balls flew as nearly seven dozen students…
KOIN - One person died in a trench collapse along SW 54th in Portland, May 5, 2016
June 01, 2016

Worker killed in Southwest trench collapse

by KOIN 6 News
Man was working outside a house near Garden Home The man, Michael “Casey” Holland, was working in a 70-foot-long trench in the 8100 block of Southwest 54th Avenue when it collapsed, trapping him…

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CONNECTION PHOTO: KELSEY O'HALLORAN - Maplewood third-graders Sophie McMillan (left) and Sydney Kinnersley listen as local storyteller Anne Rutherford (not pictured) tells a childhood tale.
Jun 01, 2016

'Encouraging a love for reading'

by Kelsey O'Halloran
Maplewood Elementary throws an all-night party to bring literature to life for students Not many children can say they’ve run through Platform 9¾ on their way to Hogwarts, or that they’ve made…
May 31, 2016

Bicyclist's death adds to growing toll

by Jim Redden
Traffic fatalities are continuing to run well ahead of last year's levels, despite Portland's emphasis on reducing deaths and serious injuries through is Vision Zero transportation policies. So…
May 31, 2016

Bicyclist killed in crash with vehicle in Southwest Portland

by Jim Redden
A bicyclist was killed in a crash with a vehicle in Southwest Portland on Monday afternoon. The names of the victim and driver were not immediately released. Police say the driver remained at…
PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: KELSEY O'HALLORAN - Up to 165 homeless men and women have been staying at the Jerome F. Sears Army Reserve Center on Southwest Multnomah Boulevard every night. It is  scheduled to close at the end of the month.
May 24, 2016

Hales keeps promise to close Multnomah homeless shelter

by Kelsey O'Halloran
When the Sears Armory building in Multnomah Village opened as a temporary homeless shelter last November, many neighbors wondered if the city would keep its promise to close the shelter in six…
May 24, 2016

More homeless beds for women and couples to open Friday

by Jim Redden
Mayor Charlie Hales announced late Tuesday that 180 beds will be added to an existing downtown homeless shelter to accomodate the women and couples that will be displaced when the Multnomah…
May 16, 2016

PCC to choose new president from three finalists

by Shasta Kearns Moore
Finalists are Melinda Nish, Mark Mitsui and Rassoul Dastmozd Portland Community College announced three finalists for its top spot Monday, May 16. The presidency has been temporarily filled by…
TRIBUNE PHOTO: JONATHAN HOUSE - Alex Slenning of Wilson High leads the pack early in the PIL 3,000 meters Wednesday at Lincoln. He won by nearly seven seconds, earning his first trip to a state meet. Adin Becker (left) of Lincoln placed second, also qualifying for next week's Class 6A championships at Hayward Field.
May 16, 2016

PREPS: Wilson High's Slenning continues on his fast track

by Steve Brandon
Comparisons to other elite prep runners are beginning to be made, but Wilson High sophomore Alex Slenning remains focused more on Slenning vs. Slenning — i.e., how are his times, and his…
TIMES PHOTO: JAIME VALDEZ - The Beaverton-areas Amazing Kid, Coral Lara Rizo of Aloha, had a moment in the spotlight Monday with Trail Blazers great Terry Porter and Mark Garber, president of Pamplin Media Group.
May 10, 2016

Terry Porter delivers inspiration to Portland area's 'Amazing…

by Shasta Kearns Moore
NBA legend speaks at event for 2016 contest honorees Following a passion — especially one for community service — can inspire others and build a brighter future. That was the message from NBA…
FILE PHOTO - Southwest Corridor officials have approved MAX as the preferred mode to come to Tigard and Tualatin. The project now moves on to an 18-month-long federally mandated study of its impacts.
May 10, 2016

Southwest Corridor Plan approves MAX, says no to PCC tunnel

by Geoff Pursinger
The future of the Southwest Corridor can be summed up in three letters: M-A-X. On Monday, officials planning a new high capacity transit line from Portland to Tualatin approved MAX light rail as…
SUBMITTED PHOTO - More than 350 products sold under 42 different brands, including Columbia River Organics, are included in a massive recall of frozen foods announced this week.
May 05, 2016

Northwest company expands recall of frozen foods over listeria…

by The Review
More than 350 products sold under 42 brands at Costco, Safeway, Trader Joe's, Walmart and other stores are included More than 350 frozen food products sold under 42 different brands at stores…