Soccer bows out Tuesday, but football team still has title shot

I was walking out of Friday’s ballgame in Scappoose, cutting across the end zone and noticed the grass was starting to freeze. I congratulated myself on wearing two pairs of socks, two sweaters, a heavy coat, scarf, hat, and nice lined gloves.

Scappoose didn’t just randomly get their position in the league or the playoffs, they did it the old-fashioned way with hard work.

Coach Sean McNabb had the Tribe offense humming at full steam in the second and third quarters. Don’t forget the defense. It simply befuddled the White Buffalos. Six interceptions, including one by Matt Shoun on the first play from scrimmage, stymied several Madras drives and kept their top-threat receiver out of the loop most of the SELF-PORTRAIT - Sports Editor John Brewington

The score was 50-0 by the end of the third quarter and that started a running clock. What had been a long game suddenly became much shorter.

The Tribe now hosts a tough Baker team in the quarterfinals, and nothing is ever for certain. Baker presents some problems for the Tribe, but Scappoose also presents some problems for Baker. Chief among them will be controlling Paul Revis. After seeing the quick Indians pick off six passes last week, Baker will probably try to establish a running game before going to the pass.

If Scappoose wins, the semifinals may be on a turf field. If given the option, though, Scappoose may still hold a game here locally.

“There’s some magic on this field,” Principal Eric Clendenin said.

Soccer team in semis

There was some magic on the new soccer field the next day, as well. The second-ranked Scappoose squad posted a 2-1 overtime win over visiting La Salle, but it was anything but easy.

It hadn’t really warmed up that much from the night before either. I would have double-socked if I had known the match would take an extra hour.

La Salle was the toughest team the Lady Indians had faced since they took on some of the state’s best in pre-season play. The Cowapa League was not much of a challenge for the second-ranked Tribe.

It looked for quite awhile on Saturday as if Scappoose had everything under control. La Salle was contesting every ball and quite physical. Each team got a yellow car along the way. There were numerous penalty kicks.

When Ariel Viera scored the first goal of the match, not quite five minutes from the start, it appeared as if Scappoose might cruise to a 2-0 or 3-0 win. That did not happen. There was no cruising.

The Lady Indians let down their guard a bit as La Salle punched in a goal late in the match. It was almost a disaster in that Scappoose came very close to allowing another one right afterwards. They rallied. The game went into OT, and it appeared Scappoose had scored the game winner. But a ruling that the ball had come from out of bounds negated a goal by freshman Eleanor Jones.

No score in OT, and the game went to a penalty kick shoot-out. Scappoose might have ended it with the first five goals, but missed the last one that would have capped it. It was then sudden death. Tribe goalkeeper Taylor Tull made a nice save on the seventh attempt by La Salle, and then Cassidy Hoglund drilled home the winner. The Scappoose team celebrated, happy with the win and more than a little relieved.

The soccer playoffs have come down to the four teams Coach Chris Dorough has said all along were the best in the state—Mazama, Scappoose, Gladstone and Philomath. Don’t let anyone tell you the power rankings aren’t accurate. They certainly were this time. They are listed exactly that way in the rankings. Mazama hosted Philomath Tuesday and the Glads visited Scappoose.

If Scappoose won they will play for the state championship this Saturday at Liberty High School. The times haven’t been set for either the football or soccer games just yet, but let's hope they don't conflict. It's not far to Liberty, so if the girls make it, it should be possible to see both football and soccer this weekend.

Good luck to both of them. They've certainly earned it.

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