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Last week we received two of our local newspapers and were very surprised to see inserts from The Salvation Army located in Happy Valley. On the envelope it says, “Food Voucher Enclosed; your gift will be used locally!” I know that the Salvation Army does wonderful work around the world; however as the director of Columbia Pacific Food Bank, a local nonprofit who receives, warehouses and distributes food throughout Columbia County, I was curious as to where locally this food is distributed.

When we placed a call to their headquarters in Happy Valley to check on this, we were told after some hesitation that they work with “Pacific Food Bank” and that they give the food bank vouchers to buy food for holiday boxes.

I have been director of CPFB for 15 years, and we have never received vouchers or partnered with the Salvation Army on a project like this.

Next week property owners throughout Columbia County will be receiving an appeal letter from Columbia Pacific Food Bank that has been in the works for several weeks. So, to prevent any confusion, I thought it was important to clarify the difference between the two agencies and encourage our community to donate locally.

Money donated to CPFB or our 17 member agencies is used for distributing food that goes to emergency food pantries, community meal sites, senior meal programs, women’s resource center and other feeding programs in Columbia County.

For more information about Columbia Pacific Food bank or information on online giving please go to our website at or call us at 503-397-9708.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Tracie Smith

Executive director

Columbia Pacific Food Bank

It is a privilege to serve

Dear family, friends, and citizens:

Thank you Scappoose! For electing me once again to serve on the Scappoose City Council. I want all of you to know that is such a special gift, and a privilege to be able to continue serving this great community. I look forward to working with all of you for the years to come.

I want to congratulate Councilor Jeff Erickson and Mr. Jason Meshell for winning a seat on the Scappoose City Council.

I want to thank the other candidates for their efforts. They are true patriots for willing to serve their community for the betterment of Scappoose. Wherever you see Mrs. Barbara Hayden and Mr. Martin Baldwin, please thank them. I do! I would have been happy to serve with them on Scappoose City Council.

Donna J. Gedlich


Letting kids be kids

I don’t know where to begin, however I must say some things that will offend some and hopefully empower others.

I am SO tired of being politically correct and religiously neutral! We live in America, the land of the free. Where people flock to for our freedom — at least this is how it’s supposed to be. We are losing this freedom to politics AND religious beliefs.

Everyone is so focused on not offending (which is great, we don’t want to offend anyone intentionally) however there is a fine line, for centuries people in our country have had different beliefs and that is PERFECTLY FINE!

This is what makes us America — we can have different beliefs and traditions without offending, BUT we shouldn’t give up what we are for others. I would not expect someone to “un-friend” me over my beliefs in religion, politics or anything else. I would expect friendship to outweigh those things. After all, we are all different, this is what makes us who we are, as a person, a nation and a world.

What I’m getting at right now is tradition that has been thrown to the side.

We no longer allow our children to be children.

Halloween has become “Harvest Party,” Christmas has become “Holiday Celebration,” birthdays have become parties for the kids attending (you know the “gift bags” that go home now with all the kids that attend), and many many more, BUT these are only references. Most of the time schools specifically, no longer even allow celebrations.

What happened to the children’s opportunity to celebrate? Were YOU never a child? Did you NOT participate in these types of activities when you were a child?

Well, we did, and I’m going to make sure that next year, my children will, too! If they want to wear a costume to school, so be it! If they get sent home, FINE with me! They can come home and celebrate the entire day! I’ll throw a party for the kids that wear costumes and get sent home.

I’m serious here. When I was a child, there would be a fall carnival, celebrating children, the coming season and allowing them to have a good time. We would have class parties, and early release and ENTIRE school carnivals. You know, I don’t remember a single student that didn’t participate! Maybe a few wouldn’t dress up, but they were at the carnival, maybe a child or two wasn’t in class. Were they sick? Not sure. Was it religion? Possibly, but the point is, they have that choice too and I’m fine with that, but I am NOT OK with giving up everything for my children to be politically and religiously correct!

The holidays are just around the corner, the weather is going to be nice for a few days, Halloween decorations will be coming down and we are going to put up Christmas decorations right now! And you know what, if my children want to turn on the lights every day until the end of the year, THEN BY ALL MEANS!

We are Americans and we have a right to be who we are and what we want! I am throwing out the political correctness flag. I’m bringing back the traditions that I was raised with and the beliefs that I have and I’m allowing my children the freedom to be free and celebrate the way that I did and that they want to.

Will they give in to peer pressure — “Mom, I want to wear my costume, BUT I’ll get in trouble.” Well you know what, let them send you home, make your point, my sweet, and when you come home, guess what? We’ll celebrate the way I did when I was a child, have a party for the day that only comes once a year and allows you to be what you want, eat what you want and act like the kid that you are!

Mark my words, next year will be different! But starting today, we will do what we believe. I adore my friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances and I know that they don’t always believe the same as I do and that’s great!

What I hope to do is to let America know that we are free and I am not going to let others make me lose my freedom. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Please use your civil liberties and vote!

Thank you.

Tricia Stockwell

Columbia City

Contract Publishing

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