Milwaukie City Councilor Dave Hedges announced Friday that he will run for re-election.

by: FILE PHOTO - HedgesFor a few months earlier this year, while Mayor Jeremy Ferguson had pre-emptively ruled out the possibility of his own re-election campaign, several citizens had asked Hedges to step up to the mayoral position, so now Hedges wants to put to rest rumors that he would challenge Ferguson.

If elected for a second term, Hedges promises to continue to be a voice for citizen concerns and prudent financial decisions in City Hall, just as he pledged when he first ran for office in 2010.

“By attending neighborhood meetings and listening to your concerns and opinions I have been able to do that, and will continue to do so,” Hedges wrote to constituents. “I also promised to make sure your tax dollars were spent wisely, and as far as I was able with one vote out of five on council, I believe I have kept that promise.”

His priorities for how those dollars are spent include continuing to be a strong advocate for public safety in Milwaukie and looking for ways to improve maintenance of city roads. He believes the city’s street-surface maintenance program should be expanded to include installation of new sidewalks.

To help keep funding for such core services, Hedges backed the $4 million bond to pay for Milwaukie’s light-rail obligation to TriMet. Although he had made good on his promise to advocate for a citywide vote on the bond, Hedges declined to discuss “all the things” he has accomplished during his term.

“Everything that gets achieved is the result of the effort of many people from council, to staff, boards and commissions, neighborhood groups and individual citizens,” he said. “I have played a part in many good things which have, or are, happening in Milwaukie. It is all of us working together which achieves these results and I shall continue to be a very active part of that process.”

Also as a repeat of his 2010 campaign, Hedges will not be accepting monetary donations, but he asked constituents for their vote; their endorsements to neighbors, family and friends; and their willingness to display a lawn sign nearer to the election.

“I feel very strongly that if I have confidence in my abilities to be a good and effective councilor that I should fund my own campaign,” he said. “It also removes me from any possibility of ‘favors’ being called in at a future date and that I can more effectively support the will of the citizens.”

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