With the Dec. 31 release of the final installment of her epic-fantasy trilogy “Griffin’s Calling,” Redland author N.R. Rose is both sad to write “The End” and excited to share her work with another generation grappling with adolescence.

by: PHOTO COURTESY TATE PUBLISHING - 'Griffin's Calling' by N.R. Rose is the first installment in the epic trilogy, followed by 'Griffin's Temptation' and 'Griffin's Legacy.'Having started the book while attending Oregon City High School, Rose now is a lacrosse coach and motivational speaker in her 20s. She sees Griffin’s story of struggling to find his place beyond Earth as a metaphor. If this human — against all odds — can get accepted into another world, why can’t other teens overcome peer bullying or unsupportive parents?

“Just like you’re not like everyone else, doesn’t mean you can’t be accepted into a community,” she said.

“Griffin’s Legacy” tests Rose’s hero even more than the previous “Griffin’s Temptation.” Troubled teen Griffin Dominic now displays hints of love with Adria. She falls ill and forces him to retreat to the human world, where he reunites with his unfeeling father, who was among the reasons he escaped to the land of Aranwea, where two races battle for survival.

Deteriorating amid the malicious Shriekian domain, Griffin might have to make the ultimate sacrifice for his beloved Critins. As Shriekians grow stronger with their ruthless leader Gotham, he continues to try to discover their weakness, and a vision gives him an ounce of hope.

“The only sense of relief I have is getting now to share my work with others,” Rose said. “The sad thing about finishing it is that now I have to reread my books to go back to that fantasy world.”

Rose did readings in Massachusetts, New York, Virginia and Maryland this fall. She will be touring her series through Texas and Florida Jan. 15 to 26, and she expects to schedule several Portland-area readings as she makes her way to the West Coast.

Attacker of the year

by: PHOTO COURTESY TATE PUBLISHING - N.R. Rose, aka Natalie HarringtonAs a Division 1 athlete on scholarship, she wasn’t allowed to promote her work until she graduated from California State University-Fresno so she created a pen name using her middle name. Rose’s given name is Natalie Harrington. This past May, she received a bachelor of arts degree in communications to support her work as a coach and mentor.

She recently was named head coach of the women’s lacrosse team at George Fox University. As Harrington, she was known for leading the OCHS team to the Oregon 6A state championship in 2009 under coach Dara Kramer. Harrington later was a candidate for the Oregon Sports Award’s Johnny Carpenter High School Athlete of the Year. At Fresno State, Harrington served as team captain and was recognized as the Bulldogs’ Player of the Year as a junior and Attacker of the Year as a senior.

The former OCHS title game MVP plans to keep writing despite her busy schedule and has hinted that another fantasy series is in the works. Her books are available through bookstores nationwide, from her publisher at, or by visiting or

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