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Nutty for hazelnuts? Head to Your Northwest

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YOUR NORTHWEST - My Heart is in Oregon Gift BasketIt's no wonder that the hazelnut is Oregon's official State Nut. Oregon hazelnuts are known far and wide for their uniquely delicious taste and texture.

At Your Northwest, we proudly offer hazelnuts grown at our own Columbia Empire Farms in Dundee.

About 650 Oregon farm families grow hazelnuts on 29,000 acres, averaging annual sales of $70 million over the last five years. This translates into a total economic impact of more than $150 million in Oregon.

We offer a wide variety of hazelnut-only gifts, as well as hazelnut confections.

For a pure hazelnut experience, choose from raw, roasted or smoked nuts, with or without salt.

For a sweet, nutty experience, choose a confection such as the luscious chocolate-covered hazelnuts. How about Chocolate Hazelnut Caramels, toffee, clusters or brittle?

Many of our gift baskets - already loaded with the best Oregon edible treats such as Tillamook cheese and our own marionberry jam – include hazelnuts.

Never heard of hazelnuts? They're also known as filberts. Some speculate the name originated from "full beard," which refers to the husk (or "beard") that entirely covers the nut in some varieties.

Others believe the name was derived from St. Philibert, as August 22 (a date that corresponds to the ripening of the earliest filberts in England) is dedicated to him.

Whatever you may call Oregon's favorite nut, at Your Northwest and Columbia Empire Farms, we call them delicious.

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