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Portland's Opinions

August 14, 2014

Our Opinion: Intel invests in state's economic future

by Editorial Board
Intel Corp.’s plan to invest $100 billion in Washington County during the next 30 years resounded like an economic thunderclap. And, like a bolt of economic lightning, the pact offered a jolt to…
August 19, 2014

My View: Mental illness battle is not a fair fight

by Susan Estrich
When the news rippled out on Monday that Robin Williams had committed suicide, even I thought — for a moment — “but he had everything.” As if suicide is a “choice.” I say “even I” because I know…
August 19, 2014

Readers say Oregon should take a second look at dental therapists

by No byline
Readers' Letters Congratulations to the Portland Tribune on a good article (Oregon won’t smile on dental therapists, July 17). I was interviewed for the article and want to clarify a few things…
August 14, 2014

Reed fossil fuel divestment isn't answer

by Pamplin Media Group
First, do you really think that Reed College — a small, somewhat unknown liberal arts school — divesting from fossil fuels would have any effect at all on solving “the biggest challenge in human…
August 14, 2014

My View: It's time to end discrimination of military veterans

by Doug Wilkinson
I am writing to bring attention to the Warfighter Rights Movement. This is a movement that I am proud to be a part of, not only as an advocate for veterans’ rights, but as executive officer and…
August 14, 2014

My View: Please share a 'happy thought' with Reynolds students,…

by Susan Bowker
I’m Nana to Jesse Martin, who attends Reynolds High School in Troutdale. Nothing prepares you as a nana to get the call I received on the morning of June 10. The call went like this: “Mom, have…
August 12, 2014

My View: Governor's race leaves many voters with difficult…

by Russ Dondero
Oregon voters will have a Catch-22 choice in this November’s general election: to vote for incumbent Gov. John Kitzhaber for his fourth term or to vote for a relatively unknown Oregon…
August 12, 2014

My View: Politics swamps GOP's election plans

by Lawrence Kudlow
Businesses created more than 200,000 new jobs for the sixth straight month. Second-quarter gross domestic product rebounded by 4 percent from the winter-weather doldrums. And the Manufacturing…
August 07, 2014

Our Opinion: Willamette Falls project deserves support

by Editorial Board
There’s a lot of history on the riverbank overlooking Willamette Falls. There’s a good future there, as well. On Feb. 1, 1849, the original plat for San Francisco was filed in the only federal…
August 07, 2014

My View: EPA shields chemical firms, not environment

by Philip Smith
As a keeper of bees for more than 40 years, I am appalled at the misinformation, denial and pure ignorance displayed by Scott Dahlman, director of Oregonians for Food & Shelter, and Jeff Stone,…

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Aug 07, 2014

Gossip shouldn't guide mall redesign

by No byline
If the Lloyd Center skating rink is smaller, will that negatively impact the shows and competitions that are held there? It is already small for competitions. I was hoping to hear they were…
Aug 07, 2014

My View: Reed trustees must divest from fossil fuels

by Maya Jarrad and Austin Weisgrau
Reed College’s Board of Trustees recently published its official rejection of Fossil Free Reed’s petition to divest the college endowment of fossil fuels (Reed College won’t divest fossil fuel…
Aug 05, 2014

My View: Winner-take-all voting leaves some without a voice, but…

by Jerry Spriggs
Have you ever looked at those red and blue Electoral College results maps that are displayed after a presidential election? Have you really looked at them? They cover up a lot, and it’s easy to…
Aug 05, 2014

My View: Gray Lady finds a way out of the haze

by Debra J. Saunders
The New York Times has seen the light. On July 27, the paper editorialized in favor of an end to the federal ban on marijuana. According to Tony Newman of the Drug Policy Alliance, The Gray Lady…
Jul 31, 2014

Our Opinion: Latest plan is a bridge to nowhere

by Editorial Board
Clark County Commissioner David Madore is the latest person to propose what superficially seems to be a logical solution to traffic congestion beween Portland and Vancouver. Unfortunately,…
Jul 31, 2014

My View: Atiyeh's humanity evident in his actions

by Jackie Winters
In spring 2009, former Oregon Gov. Victor Atiyeh was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations. I congratulated him at the time on receiving this…
Jul 31, 2014

My View: Nation must improve care for veterans

by Suzanne Bonamici
For generations, our country has reaped the benefits of a powerful military — a military that has defended our freedom and helped pursue peace and autonomy for other nations abroad. Service…
Jul 31, 2014

Readers' Letters: Atiyeh went beyond duty to help many people

by No byline
I first met Gov. Vic Atiyeh as a child (Atiyeh’s leadership, spirit earn praise, July 22). As a fifth-grader, I read about the fading gold leaf on the Golden Pioneer statue atop the state…
Jul 30, 2014


by Adam Davis, DHM Research
When it comes to transportation, street maintenance dominates the discussion. You public officials out there, you’ve got a popular issue. It doesn’t mean you’ll be successful getting money out…
Jul 24, 2014

Our Opinion: Atiyeh's quiet style a blueprint for today

by Editorial Board
The Oregon that former Gov. Vic Atiyeh led when he took office in January 1979 was a much different place than today. Timber was still the state’s economic king. The symbiotic relationship…