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Portland's Opinions

February 23, 2017

Our Opinion: Forest sale tough but necessary

by Pamplin Media Group
No one walked away from last week's meeting happy. But that doesn't mean the contentious decision wasn't the right thing to do - particularly at this time of great financial stress for schools…
February 23, 2017

My View: Raise revenue to solve budget woes

by Chuck Sheketoff
Common-sense options exist for raising revenue that will allow Oregon to protect and strengthen schools and key public services. Exercising those options ultimately comes to political will - and…
February 23, 2017

My View: State can balance budget without taxes

by Eric Fruits
State tax revenues are approaching all-time highs. Nevertheless, the state must face the budget reality that Oregonians do not have the resources to support ever-expanding spending programs that…

February 21, 2017

My View: Oregon needs a hiring freeze, now

by Bill MacKenzie
Liberals tend to favor an ever-expanding state, but that's not sustainable without ever-increasing taxation. If Oregon is to responsibly manage its finances, an across-the-board, rigorously…
February 21, 2017

My View: Most residents unaware of budget crisis

by Adam Davis
Why does it matter? If Oregonians don't understand the magnitude of the problem, they will not make the compromises in their thinking or take the actions needed to help resolve the state's…
February 21, 2017

Letters: State needs a bigger staff to collect taxes

by Pamplin Media Group
Our readers are interested in public spending, Intel meeting with President Trump, and a possible homeless camp in Kenton.
February 16, 2017

Our Opinion: Time to talk details on budget deal

by Pamplin Media Group
For reasons that bewilder just about everyone we've talked to, Gov. Kate Brown has largely walked away from the most important task facing the state she said she wanted to govern. With lawmakers…
February 16, 2017

My View: Combat disparities by supporting youth

by Loretta Smith
Student achievement across Oregon has been faltering. But here in Multnomah County we are taking an innovative, community-based approach that's working. The best way to get kids off the street…
CONTRIBUTED BY MARCY HOULE - The writer believes the city's Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is working on a plan that will change Forest Park from a wilderness to a recreation destination and destroy its fragile ecosystem.
February 14, 2017

My View: We need wilderness found in Forest Park

by Marcy Houle
The writer says, in place of wilderness, city officials are proposing a place for 'destination recreation,' with plans to draw in thousands of visitors, and tourist dollars. First out the door…
February 14, 2017

My View: Inequality deeper than criminal justice

by Amira Streeter and Lamar Wise
The writers say, we must continue the work to tear down barriers that have left our communities struggling for generations. It's time that everyone who calls Oregon home - regardless of our…

Don't miss the local news

Feb 14, 2017

Letter: Show some love to local small businesses

by Pamplin Media Group
Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish and Venture Portland President Michelle Wood say shoppers should support small businesses hurt by this winter's storms.
Feb 09, 2017

Our Opinion: Council fumbles landlord regulations

by Pamplin Media Group
Both Mayor Ted Wheeler and Commissioner Chloe Eudaly campaigned on a promise to ease the housing crisis in Portland. Passing this ordinance gave them both the chance to take an early victory lap.
Feb 09, 2017

Letters: Eudaly makes me worry for the future of the city

by Pamplin Media Group
Readers write about Portland's newest commissioner and the PPS superintendent selection process.
Feb 09, 2017

My View: Let states find own health care answer

by Samuel Metz
Despite the ACA's success in providing more Oregonians with insurance coverage, Oregonians still delay or defer health care. Medical debt and bankruptcy continue to increase. Public health…
Feb 07, 2017

My View: Lawmakers want to change legal age to buy tobacco…

by Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward and Rep. Richard Vi
Raising the tobacco sales age to 21 is predicted to have the biggest impact on smoking rates for youth between 15 and 17 years of age. Right now, it's easy for younger teens to get tobacco…
Feb 07, 2017

Letters: Peaceful disagreement is our lifeblood

by (none)
Readers worry about the state of the nation, the future of civil discourse, and more.
Feb 02, 2017

Our Opinion: Racial disparities will continue without better…

by (none)
Our analsyis of court records shows that Oregon has a problem. But it doesn't explain why.
Feb 02, 2017

My View: Hilliard improved journalism for all

by Margie Boule
Hilliard was a pioneer. But he also was a gentleman, courtly and kind. He spoke quietly. He was thoughtful. He was loyal, and he loved the newspaper he'd been selected to lead.
Feb 02, 2017

Letters: Show more humanity toward refugees

by (none)
Refugees, vacations and salt are all on the minds of our readers.
TRIBUNE PHOTO - Shasta Kearns Moore
Jan 31, 2017

My View: The ends often don't justify the means

by Shasta Kearns Moore
Funny how often people can find a way to reframe their opponent's argument so that they themselves can win the moral high ground.