In Our Opinion: Trump, Clinton, Sanders supporters unite!

In Our Opinion: Trump, Clinton, Sanders supporters unite!

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Prison: A hard life, inside and out

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This is the last worthless evening I'll spend with this old laptop

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Brought to you by Randy McCreith, Bella Casa Real Estate Group

Randy McCreith, Bella Casa Real Estate GroupYamhill County became a sellers’ market one year ago. Today multiple offers and quick sales rule from Newberg to Willamina; Amity to Yamhill. Prices are Jetting.

Still, we remain one of the most affordable areas in Portland thanks to historically low interest rates which keep your payments reasonable.

How do we adjust to this new marketplace?

1. First time homebuyers should get into the market, even if they have to move out farther, to ride the price appreciation up.

2. The days of negotiations are over. Be prepared to pay full price or higher, and be willing to take homes ‘as is’.

3. Intown lots are sold-out until more development land is released; rural land will again sky rocket in wine country. Buy low now.

4. Selling thresholds in Newberg and McMinnville are a rising tide. $400k used to be an upper limit- today we are pushing the $600k to $700k levels

5. Affordable rural properties are selling quickly; 33 properties sold between $600k and $1m already this year!

6. Luxury and expensive properties are ready to explode. Only 8 sales in the MLS last year were above $1m yet today there are 39 properties ready to sell, more than half of them above $2m!

7. Vineyard land and winery sales are at an unprecedented level. A recent article in the Statesman Journal (USA Today) entitled Oregon Vineyards Are Hot Properties Again makes this case vividly.

I used to say, Buy low! Now I say, buy while you can…



207 NE 19TH ST, STE 100, MCMINNVILLE, OR 97128


Brought to you by Dr. Wendy Abraham, Naturopathic Physician, Sherwood Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Wendy Abraham, Naturopathic Physician, Sherwood Aesthetic MedicinePatients frequently seek out Dr. Wendy Abraham of Sherwood Aesthetic Medicine to get her help with preparing to look their best for a 30-year class reunion, wedding, or special event. What can be done if you have only a month to prepare? How about for six months? A year?

As with good comedy, timing is everything when it comes to aesthetic treatments.

“The injectable treatments I do year-round ~ such as Botox,

Fillers, Novathreads ~ are great because they do not cause sensitivity to sun exposure,” explained Dr. Abraham.

That’s a big plus for many patients, since Botox, fillers, and threadlifts "offer nearly immediate benefits and take only a day to two weeks to see

the results.”

“Some procedures are rather seasonal,” explained Dr. Abraham. “For example, Lumecca IPL and Diolaze laser hair removal are usually best

saved for the rainy months, as tanning and sun exposure are discouraged during the treatment series.”

Alternatively, she added, “one of our most popular procedures is BodyFx, which is a third-generation fat killer, cellulite treatment, and skin tightener.

“BodyFx can be done year round, but it takes two or three months after completing the series to see the most noticeable results,” said Dr. Abraham.

When it comes to getting ready for your special event, coming in for a complimentary, no pressure consultation will allow Dr. Abraham and

her staff the opportunity to discuss your particular needs and time frame.

Q&A with Dr. A: All Things Aesthetic is held on the second Tuesday of every month. RSVP at 503.610.1194.


16771 SW 12TH ST., SUITE C



Brought to you by Paula Runnells, Pogy's Subs

Paula Runnells, Pogy's SubsPogy’s Subs has been serving up the best sandwiches in Newberg for more than 25 years. But the humbled “sandwich “- the breaded meat meal we’ve all grown to love- has a storied history going back hundreds of years. Read on for more!

The English lord John Montagu is often credited for inventing the first sandwich in 1762. Montagu (whose title was the 4th Earl of Sandwich) demanded a meal he could eat with one hand. Since then, the acclaimed “sandwich” became a word that was the same in every language.

Soon came the hero sandwich which would be called many names. But, once a deli in Connecticut received an order from a naval submarine base for 500 hero sandwiches, employees started calling it a “sub” in honor of the sailors.

Fast forward to today where Pogy’s (named after the WW II submarines, Walt Disney himself named) is famous for it’s freshly made subs, especially for the ones that were once called the destroyer, full boat and torpedo. Each delicious sub feeding into the fact that Americans consume around 300 million sandwiches each day.

Although, they don’t usually celebrate National Hoagie Day (May 4th) or National Sandwich Day (November 3rd), they do have both of these in many great varieties. Pogy’s is the place that has National Sandwich Day everyday!


2855 E HAYES ST., SUITE 100, NEWBERG, OR 97132


Brought to you by Tim McDaniel, Shoe Mates Footwear and Repair

Tim McDaniel, Shoe Mates Footwear and RepairShoe Mates Footwear & Repair, located at the stop light at the intersection of Third Street and Ford Street in McMinnville, originated in 2013.

“We were discussing what used to be found downtown in the two central cities of Yamhill County, and what might again be a successful brick and mortar for the demographics in our county?” recalled owner Tim McDaniel. “Quality always sells. Shoe Mates invested in quality brands, and thus far, we have grown steadily in what we offer and the friends we have made. Our county has plenty of industries where workers need safety footwear, and we also have a healthy tourist industry and local residents who would rather sit down and be taken care of when shopping for footwear than to do malls or try to shop online.”

Mel Robles, Shoe Mates’ shoe repair tradesman, is a known quantity with repairs. Mel is like Michelangelo when he is in the repairman’s seat, and repair rates are worth the re-investment into your footwear.

When summer comes to the valley, Shoe Mates sells more Birkenstock, Clarks, and other sandals. Year-round, the store sells Red Wing boots for trade people, SAS shoes for seniors, and everything in between for professional women and men, as well as recreation hiking models made by Ahnu.

“We are a real store where you can get help with attractive footwear and chiropractor-recommended Superfeet Insole needs every day of the week,” Tim said. “Every foot is unique, and so is every shoe fitting.”





Brought to you by Dr. Randy Morgan, Newberg Family Dental

Dr. Randy Morgan, Newberg Family DentalWhile usually considered a healthy beverage alternative, many people don’t realize that sparkling water can cause dental erosion. Dr. Randy Morgan of Newberg Family Dental wants his patients to understand how seemingly harmless sparkling water could represent a threat to the health of your teeth.

Sparkling water contains carbonic acid, the component that gives the beverage its fizz. Unfortunately, the acidity found in sparkling water can slowly weaken and destroy tooth enamel. But that’s not to say all of the news is bad. Comparatively speaking, carbonic acid is fairly weak. However, in cases where sparkling water is artificially flavored, the beverage may contain citric or other types of acids that makes the beverage more acidic ~ and more harmful overall.

In a study from 2007, researchers placed human teeth in flavored sparkling water for 30 minutes and found that the flavored waters had the same destructiveness as orange juice, a highly acidic beverage. This research suggests that ~ as with soda and fruit juices ~ sparkling water should be enjoyed as part of a larger meal, rather than consumed on its own.

So what should consumers consider a healthy drink? Drinking more water is certainly an excellent choice, but many people want to break up the flavorless taste by drinking sparkling water.

Drinking sparkling water presents a significantly lower threat to your oral health than consuming diet or regular soda, but Dr. Morgan recommends that his patients should, ideally, stick with water or plain sparkling water.




Brought to you by Diane Edwards, Edwards & Associates

Diane Edwards, Edwards & AssociatesMoney Chat with Diane

What does a $50 BB gun and a multi-millionaire have in common? A 9 year old boy!

This true story begins with a 9 year old boy who wanted a $50 BB gun. His wise father informed him that he had to earn the money on his own, thus introducing the first lesson of finance. This industrious boy found several ways to earn money and as the pile grew thicker with single dollar bills he realized he had more excitement in earning the money than in owning the BB gun. He now had a new goal. How quickly could he add another zero to reach $500? Once achieved he wondered how quickly he could reach $5000! And so goes the story of this young boy who became a multi-millionaire, on his own, before the age of 50.

This past month my business partner and I had the privilege of sharing this story with our local Boy Scout Troop and teaching units from the Personal Management Merit Badge. Our sessions covered budgeting, credit, investment, loans, basic eye-catching resume pointers and summer employment opportunities. They were attentive, respectful, engaged and asked great questions! The young men ranged from ages 12 to 17 years old.

We firmly believe in teaching finance as early as possible and this month I’ve included 4 great resources ranging from age Pre-K through Adult. For more information visit MoneyChat at I would love to hear which resource you liked the best.


Diane Edwards, AWMA®

Wealth Manager


Toll Free: 866.699.8743

Brought to you by Darrel Baumer, DB Collision & Autoworks

Darrel Baumer, DB Collision & AutoworksA car accident is a big hassle in the best of cases, and many consumers just want their vehicle repaired, and fast. But doing a little research can pay big dividends, both in the cost to you, and the quality of the job. Here are five questions to get you started.

Can I have a free estimate? At DB Collision, the answer is an emphatic YES! But other auto body shops may be more reluctant to provide you with a number. Beware shops that aren’t upfront about their estimated costs for labor and parts.

Do you specialize? Some repair shops specialize in custom cars, classic cars or certain manufacturers. At DB Collision, we work on everything from collectibles to brand new autos.

Can you deal with the insurance companies? Again, that’s another big yes! If you hate paperwork nightmares, let us handle them. We’ll ensure you’re fully reimbursed.

What maintenance should I be doing? A car that has been in an accident may have different maintenance needs, and neglecting regular upkeep (especially the brakes and tires) can also contribute to an accident.

What would you do if it was your car? At DB Collision, our goal is always to satisfy the customer. That being said, when faced with multiple repair options, your technician will likely have his own preferences. They’re worth taking into consideration.





Brought to you by Rob Lewis, Anvil Academy

Rob Lewis, Anvil AcademySo many people have stopped by the old Newberg Steel Building, wondering what is going on, so we thought we’d give you a quick glimpse into the new space. We tell people that Anvil Academy is a classroom disguised as a wagon factory, and the next question is always, “Why a wagon factory?”

Well it’s because the horse drawn vehicle industry set the standard for every other industry in the early 1900s, and thus set the standard for many of the technologies we use and enjoy today.

We believe that having a basic understanding of design and materials will give our students a competitive advantage in innovating for the future. How material reacts to forces and how the most basic of design effects how a vehicle performs is important to know, no matter what you are designing or innovating.

This means that as we teach blacksmithing, woodworking, 3D design, metalworking, sewing and other skills, we’ll also teach math, design, relationship skills and cause and effect—everything works together.

These classes will be offered to kids aged 14 and up, but we’ll also have fun workshops for kids of all ages, offered in a safe environment. Our focus will be equipping youth, but we will be offering fun, inspiration, ideas and shop equipment and space for all ages.

If you haven’t stopped by lately you have probably missed something really fun! Check out the class schedule starting in June at www.


105 N MAIN ST., NEWBERG, OR 97132


Brought to you by Nathan Phelps, PT, DPT, Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy, P.C.

Nathan Phelps, PT, DPT, Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy, P.C.Whether you’re a student-athlete, weekend warrior or full-time adventure seeker, you need to keep your body in peak condition in order to perform at your best and beat the competition.

So if you’re looking to improve your performance, recover from a sports injury or prevent a future injury, you need the treatment of the only clinic with a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist on staff: Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy of Newberg, Oregon.

The Advanced Orthopedic team includes Dr. Nathan Phelps, Dr. Amy Phelps and Dr. Rikki Markham. All three have specific training focusing on preventing and rehabilitating athletic injuries. The staff is ready to help athletes of any skill level or age.

Advanced Orthopedics can help any athlete, whether they need assistance recovering from an injury, preparing for surgery, enhancing their performance or preventing further injuries. So far, the clinic has a greater than 90 percent success rate in making positive changes for their patients. Hour long treatment sessions, provider consistency and clinical expertise contribute to this success.

Don’t delay! The Advance Orthopedic team will work with you to discover your strengths, deficits and the key to full-body health. Call today to schedule a complete evaluation and a biomechanical analysis.




Brought to you by Dave DeSemple, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Premier Community Bank

Dave DeSemple, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Premier Community BankSocial engineering refers to the methods attackers use to manipulate people into sharing sensitive information, or taking an action, such as downloading a file. When email is utilized, it is known as “Phishing.”

So how can you protect yourself? First and foremost, you should utilize a spam filter, keep all of your systems patched and your anti-virus software up to date, and home users should enable the auto update feature. However, even with updated systems, the best defense to phishing is YOU. You should always be suspicious of unsolicited emails. Only open email attachments if you are expecting them and know what it contains. Be cautious about container files, such as .zip, as they may contain malicious content. If you are vigilant, and watch for warning signs of a phishing email, you can minimize your risk of falling for one.

Phishing emails may include messages from companies you don’t have accounts with; contain spelling mistakes; messages from the wrong email address; generic greetings; and unexpected messages with a sense of urgency designed to prompt you into responding quickly without checking the facts. Common examples include an email appearing to be from the “fraud department” of a company that asks you to verify personal information because they suspect you may be a victim of identity theft, or an email from the CEO of your company requesting that you wire some money right away to pay a large expense. There are many others, so remember: Always think before you click.


901 N. Brutscher Street, Newberg, OR 97132


Brought to you by Rodney Robbins, First Step Treatment Center, Chemical Dependency Services

Rodney Robbins, First Step Treatment CenterThis article has been adapted from a longer blog post. To read the full version, please visit

Recently, I began a fascinating continued education program on the identification of deception — it’s sort of like being a human lie detector. As part of this training, we emphasize looking for “micro expressions,” many of which appear involuntarily on our faces when an individual has an emotional reaction.

When we experience an emotion, there is a direct, predictable, cross cultural autonomic (or automatic) response that occurs in less than a second and can be detected if watched for. We may try to avoid, hide or even deny our emotions, but our amygdala and autonomic response will not lie for us. The truth is evident in your expressions.

Often, in the work I do, individuals struggle with being able to honestly express or even identify how they are feeling. Their common response is “I feel fine.” In reality, they don’t feel “fine” at all. Part of the healing process is being honest about personal feelings, and then learning how to express these emotions without numbing them with mood-altering chemicals.

For me, an additional benefit is being more aware of the true emotions my clients are experiencing, and helping them be more honest with themselves.

So remember: Intellectually, we may try and hide from others, and even ourselves… But the amygdala will always tell the truth.

For more addiction resources and advice, please visit our Facebook page.




Brought to you by Katey Meza, French Prairie Gardens & Family Farm, Nursery and Family Farm

Katey Meza, French Prairie Gardens & Family FarmIt’s summertime in the Willamette Valley, and French Prairie Gardens in St. Paul is celebrating again this June with its popular, family-friendly “Berries, Brews & BBQs.”

Over the first three weekends in June, French Prairie Gardens will host a series of fun events: picking strawberries, tasting a variety of beers (there will be a dozen breweries sharing their best), and enjoying tasty barbecue dishes.

“This year it will be over three weekends instead of two,” said Katey Meza, co-owner of the family business. “We’ll have u-pick strawberries, live music, barbecues, and fun events for kids.”

Katey said one of the reasons for the activities is to expose children to a slice of life on the farm.

“A lot of kids don’t get to pick strawberries, so here’s a chance to teach them,” Katey said. “I grew up picking strawberries when I was 12, but nowadays there are no kids working in the fields. It’s an experience they’ll remember for a long time.”

The three weekends start with the June 4-5 weekend, continue on June 11-12, and winds up on Father’s Day Weekend, June 18-19. Festivities run from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. on each Saturday, and from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. each Sunday.

There is no admission fee to the Berries, Brews & BBQs festival, and parking is free.

“It is ‘pay-to-play,’” Katey explained. “There is a price for the brews, barbecues, picking berries, and the farm fun activities, but no reservation are needed, so just come on out and we’ll be here!”




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