Hill bound for youth correctional facility

Hill bound for youth correctional facility

Judge John Collins remands Jacob Hill to custody of the Oregon Youth Authority and recommends...

Relay for Life makes successful transition

Relay for Life makes successful transition

The annual American Cancer Society fundraiser set for this weekend Earlier this year, the...

Memorial garden a sanctuary and signal

Memorial garden a sanctuary and signal

Hillside Fellowship creates Jennifer's Garden in memory of Dundee mother who died in 2014 The...

Arson suspect released on bail

Arson suspect released on bail

Edna Bennett, accused of helping woman kill herself, to enter a plea July 7 A 75-year-old woman...

Medical center celebrates 10 years

Medical center celebrates 10 years

Facility opens in 2006, doubling size of former hospital Last Thursday marked 10 years since...

Veterans find hope in canine Battle Buddies

Veterans find hope in canine Battle Buddies

Program designed to help combat veterans with post-traumatic stress syndrome Vietnam War veteran...

New city manager brings experience

New city manager brings experience

Street funding, airports, economic development, mill closures familiar territory for Joe Hannan ...

Investigation complete into fatal bike crash

Investigation complete into fatal bike crash

Driver who struck and killed two Newberg residents will not be prosecuted A lengthy...

Enterprise zone OK'd for A.R.E. Manufacturing

Enterprise zone OK'd for A.R.E. Manufacturing

Company will receive three-year tax break on value added by new machinery A.R.E. Manufacturing...

State moves to revoke Chehalem Youth and Family Services' license

State moves to revoke Chehalem Youth and Family Services' license

Long investigation and unsuccessful attempts to remedy problems lead DHS to latest action The...

Newberg resident arrested for arson in fatal trailer explosion

Newberg resident arrested for arson in fatal trailer explosion

Police charge woman with aiding roommate in setting fire to mobile home Wednesday evening A fatal...

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Brought to you by Roscinda Cruz, Cash Management Specialist, Premier Community Bank

Roscinda Cruz, Cash Management Specialist, Premier Community BankWith Check Fraud on the rise due to advanced technology that makes it easier than ever to replicate your checks, small businesses are especially vulnerable to check fraud. However, you can be proactive by adding “Positive Pay” service to your Premier Community Bank accounts.

Positive Pay is an automated fraud prevention program that

protects businesses against altered checks and counterfeit checks. Simply, it matches the account number, check number, and dollar amount

of each check presented for payment against a list of checks previously authorized and issued by the business. All three components of the check

must match exactly, or it will not pay. Positive Pay requires the business to send (transmit) a file of issued checks to the bank each day checks are written.

When those issued checks are presented for payment at the bank, they are compared electronically against the list of transmitted checks. The

file sent to the bank contains the check number, account number, issue date, and dollar amount.

When a check is presented that does not have a “match” in the file, it becomes an “exception item.” These exceptions are made available

the next business day to the business through online banking. The business reviews the image and instructs the bank to pay or return the


Premier Community Bank offers this service at no cost to its clients. For more information, please contact your local banker at 503-693-7500, or stop in for a visit.







Brought to you by Randy McCreith, Bella Casa Real Estate Group

Randy McCreith, Bella Casa Real Estate GroupBuyers ruled the day for 7 years in our area; it was not pretty. Sellers now have their revenge. Anxiety and frustration fill buyers in this brutal ‘sellers market’. Minimal inventory, high prices, swift multiple offers, exasperating negotiations, and long and arduous transactions are the new normal.

Buyers need a competitive advantage! More than ever experienced, skilled, market-savvy, and local professional agents can make the difference for you.

• Finding and vetting the right property for you takes responsive, full-time focus and local knowledge

• Visiting a property before it is too late requires availability and persistence

• Success against multiple offers is about thoughtful proven strategies to increase odds in your favor

• Rapidly changing pricing still must withstand a lender appraisal; this takes local value expertise

• Negotiating skills are necessary to counter-balance the market and create gains for buyers

• Above all: problem-solving skills and experience are priceless throughout the transaction

• Crucial connections with local agents, mortgage brokers, and specialty contractors are a great bonus

• Closing timeliness and success in an age of ever-changing hyper-regulation is challenging

Buyers need someone to trust, who is trustworthy, and of high character! Then they need to trust the judgments of their Realtor who is solely looking out for their best interest!

Bella Casa Real Estate Group helped more buyers buy in Yamhill County in 2015 than any other office! The McCreith Team is The Buyer Advantage Team. Call us for a competitive advantage…



207 NE 19TH ST, STE 100, MCMINNVILLE, OR 97128



Brought to you by Dr. Wendy Abraham, Naturopathic Physician, Sherwood Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Wendy Abraham, Naturopathic Physician, Sherwood Aesthetic MedicineDo you have collagen? If you’ve ever browsed a skin care aisle, you might assume collagen is a special substance found only in your neck and cheeks. In reality, it’s the most common protein in your body.

Dispelling these myths, and explaining the nonsurgical ways you can boost collagen production, will be the topic of discussion at Dr. Wendy Abraham’s latest educational seminar, “Q & A with Dr. A.”

This free event will be held at 5:30 p.m. on July 12th at the offices of Sherwood Aesthetic Medicine. Everyone is welcome, but interested parties are asked to RSVP.

“We aren’t looking to create Kardashians. Instead we focus on helping people feel great about how they look, whether they are 20 or 70,” Dr. Abraham says. “Our treatments boost collagen production without ever putting patients ‘under the knife.’”

One of the most popular treatments offered at Sherwood Aesthetic Medicine is called Forma and Forma Plus. Unlike ablative treatments that remove the top layer of your skin, Forma and Forma Plus use radio-frequency technology to directly target the underlying tissue (and stimulate collagen production) without harming the surface layer.

Forma and Forma Plus are quick, outpatient procedures with no anesthesia required. Forma technology includes a built-in temperature sensor that measures the skin’s surface temperature 1000 times per second, ensuring optimal treatment and preventing the skin from overheating.

Want to know more? Call today to reserve your spot at Q & A with Dr. A!


16771 SW 12TH ST., SUITE C



www.sherwoodaesthetic medicine.com

Brought to you by Rodney Robbins, First Step Treatment Center

Rodney Robbins, First Step Treatment CenterIn recovery groups, addiction clinics and popular media, it is common to hear substance-abusing individuals measure their “time spent clean.” But it is my opinion that the danger of counting days is the same as trying to drive a vehicle by staring in the rearview mirror.

There is a reason the rearview mirror is smaller than the windshield! The most important clean date, in my opinion, is today.

This is not in any way meant to devalue the amount of clean time an individual has. Rather, it is intended to encourage the individual in recovery to appreciate the past clean time, but do not rest your serenity upon it!

One of the unfortunate common outcomes of a relapse after a period of abstinence is the desire to give up. The addictive thinking returns rapidly, and leads to justifications to simply continue use as the “clean time is lost anyway.”

If you do have a use, instead of seeing it as a loss of clean time, focus on what you learned during your period of abstinence, and use that to begin anew. Relapse is not a moral failure! It is the symptom of a cunning, baffling and deadly disease that can never be cured, but can be put into remission.

This article has been adapted from a longer blog post. To read the full version, please visit firststeptreatmentcenter.com.


120 N. Everest Rd., Newberg, OR 97132



Brought to you by Diane Edwards, Edwards & Associates, Financial Services, Inc.

Diane Edwards, Edwards & Associates, Financial Services, Inc.Diane Edwards, Edwards & Associates, Financial Services, Inc., Local nbg, ">Money Chat with Diane

When we said ‘I DO’ many of us didn’t realize there was another party at the altar with us on our special day. But there was – our money personality.

Though sometimes taboo to openly talk about, the ever increasing number of marriages challenged by financial infidelity warrants an open and honest discussion. Let’s part the veil of secrecy and carefully consider how we can address this “other love” head on.

Financial infidelity is defined as any secret act of spending, hoarding, or borrowing money. Are you or your spouse contributing to financial infidelity in your relationship?

Because each of us comes into marriage with our own view of money it’s not uncommon for us to discover those differences once contributing to the household budget. No longer are we the sole, autonomous master of our paycheck. Now, if both incomes are needed to successfully reach the couple’s goals, any action that could cause a detour (no matter how small it may seem) can feel like a betrayal in the relationship.

In this month’s blog, I provide four distinct Action Steps to help you and your loved one avoid acts of financial infidelity and to restore your financial relationship (www.eafsi.com).

What will you do to protect your relationship from financial infidelity – even from the small stuff?

If you are ready to take the next step and want to partner with a holistic Advisor, we invite you to call to set up your free initial consultation.

Edwards & Associates, Financial Services, Inc.

Diane Edwards,


Wealth Manager


Toll Free: 866.699.8743


Brought to you by Darrel Baumer, DB Collision & Autoworks

Darrel Baumer, DB Collision & AutoworksA professional knows he has a stellar reputation in his chosen field when people specifically seek him out. That is the level of professional and personalized care Darrel Baumer, owner of DB Custom Autoworks in Newberg, has built for himself since he opened his restoration and specialty collision repair shop in 1993.

“I have a 2015 Corvette in the shop that was rear-ended that we’re just finishing up,” Darrel said. “And we recently did repairs on a 2015 Dodge Challenger.”

In both cases, the owners of the cars wanted Darrel to do the work.

“Customers don’t want to leave their cars in just anyone’s hands,” Darrel explained. “They do their research before bringing it in. The Corvette driver actually came in to meet with me before trusting me with his car. They sought me out due to reputation.”

What’s especially impressive is that it’s not only the owners of the fanciest or most expensive cars that seek Darrel’s specialized services.

“People with older vehicles they’ve kept in good shape have pride in what they are driving, and they don’t want to turn it over to just anyone for good repairs,” Darrell said.

That’s a real tribute, and Darrel takes pride in making sure he doesn’t let anyone down.

“It makes me feel good, and it makes me want to be sure the customers are happy and their expectations are met,” Darrel said. “It puts the pressure on, but that’s the level I hold myself to anyway.”




M-F 8-5



Brought to you by Tim McDaniel, Shoe Mates, Footwear and Repair

Tim McDaniel, Shoe Mates Footwear and RepairWith summer heat comes the desire for lighter, cooler footwear that is easier on the feet during hot weather. Shoe Mates, on Third Street in McMinnville, offers a wide selection of sandals and clogs from European manufacturers Birkenstock, Sanita, Clarks, and Taos.

The selection is not random. The Shoe Mates team does a great deal of research and planning to make sure the best products are in stock.

“Every year on a semi-annual schedule, Shoe Mates goes to a shoe show in Beaverton,” owner Tim McDaniel said. “There, we select the manufacturers and styles that are then scheduled to arrive before the next seasonal needs.”

The event has an international flair.

“The majority of our products are from America, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Viet Nam, Scandinavia, and of course, China,” Tim explained.

Shoe Mates is a classic brick-and-mortar that offers friendly custom fittings for quality products that don’t cost more than mail-order suppliers.

“We have light, tough, comfortable, top-drawer manufacturers to try on in-store: Birkenstock, SAS, Red Wing, Clarks, Taos, Ahnu, Born, Sofft, Rockport Tim said. “We provide dress, travel, casual, and hiking footwear that usually comes only in department store or strip mall outlets.”

Shoe Mates also offers top-notch repairs for “keeper” shoes, boots, and handbags.

“We can do repairs to many old Birks that owners want to go another several seasons,” Tim said.

Shoe Mates is a novel old idea. Try on new shoes in a store before buying them and wear them out the door! It’s sudden service at its best.






Brought to you by Angela Wu, DPT, Chehalem Physical Therapy Inc

Angela Wu, PT, Chehalem Physical Therapy IncAngela Wu has worked for Chehalem Physical Therapy in Newberg since October 2015. She earned her doctorate in physical therapy from Pacific University in Forest Grove in 2014.

Angela said she decided to dedicate herself to physical therapy after job shadowing physical therapists and seeing the amount of time they spent on patient care.

“I enjoy working for Chehalem Physical Therapy because I have the luxury of one-on-one time with my patients for the entire treatment ~ which is not common in other clinical settings,” Angela said. “As a physical therapist, I get to help optimize my patients’ goals for recovery.”

Angela enjoys treating many conditions, with some of her favorites being knee pain, ankle pain, postural training, and incontinence. She also specializes in pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Angela has a keen, personal interest in treating a pain many often experience ~ knee pain.

“I was a distance runner before I had my son; I have been through it myself.” Angela explained.

When she sees cases of knee pain, Angela checks the patient’s ankle, hip, and core stability.

“If they are out of alignment, that can often be the root source of the knee pain,” Angela said. “Whether you’re a runner, a dancer, or just living life, if you want to save your knees, work on proper physical alignment. Chehalem Physical Therapy is a great resource for relieving knee pain, and for equipping patients with the tools to help prevent recurring injuries.”






Brought to you by Katy Meza, French Prairie Gardens & Family Farm

Katy Meza, French Prairie Gardens & Family FarmFive years ago, French Prairie Gardens, a picturesque family-owned farm near St. Paul, started a tradition known as “Grilling in the Garden” ~ and it’s time for this year’s delightful bounty.

“We decided it would be fun to open up the farm to adults so they could enjoy a farm-to-table menu,” said Stacy Bunke, one of the owners. “The goal of the evening is to enjoy a dining experience out of the ordinary and to share a piece of the farm with even more people.”

The meal is cooked and waited entirely by the Pohlschneider family (which owns the farm) and its staff.

“Our family will be on hand to share the secrets behind the many fresh-picked ingredients that will be cultivated, harvested, and cooked for this special dinner,” Bunke said.

The menu is set based on what is available straight from the garden.

“All dinners are pork-based, since we grow pork on the farm,” Bunke explained. “Some veggies are served as sides, and others are part of the main dish. In August, we usually feature a farm-style lasagna with zucchini, tomatoes, and onions. We also use fruit we grow for dessert offerings, which are made from scratch.”

Reservations are being taken for upcoming dinners on July 21 and August 18. The cost is $35, which includes a starter, entrée, dessert, and non-alcoholic drinks. The farm bar will also offer beer, wine, and cider by the glass

It’s an amazing three-course meal you will never forget!





Brought to you by Dr. Navid Newport, Newberg Kids Dentist

Dr. Navid Newport, Newberg Kids DentistWhen we think of going to the dentist with our child, we suspect the dentist will ask only about our brushing and flossing habits. Most people also assume that as long as they don’t eat candy often or drink soda daily, they won’t get cavities. But reality is far from that.

It is still possible to get cavities without eating candy and staying away from soda. The big culprit is what we refer to as “hidden sugars” in our food: items containing carbohydrates not considered by the general public as being bad for teeth. Typical foods with hidden sugars are breads, crackers, pasta, rice, fruit rolls, dried processed fruits (e.g. raisins), pretzels, and so on.

Most people willingly offer these foods to their kids as snacks in between meals. Healthier alternatives are foods that contain fats, protein, and fiber ~ for example, meats, dark chocolates, yogurts, cheeses, whole vegetables, and fruits.

It is so important to read labels and understand the consequences of consuming foods that have added sugar, corn fructose syrup, and the multiple varieties of processed carbohydrates. The less processed a food is, the healthier it is. Make water your daily beverage, and avoid sipping on processed liquids. Have a scheduled snack time, and don’t allow your child to graze on food all day. Extending periods of time between consumed foods increases the likelihood of being cavity free at the dentist.

If you have questions about healthy snacking, please call our office.





Brought to you by Mike McBride, Farmers Insurance

Mike McBride, Farmers InsuranceWhen you think of workers’ compensation insurance, people generally think of SAIF (State Accident Insurance Corporation), the state-chartered workers’ comp insurance company in Oregon.

But Mike McBride, owner of Farmers Insurance in Newberg, points out that workers’ comp is also available through Farmers.

“A lot of business owners think SAIF is the only game in town” Mike said. “But if a business needs workers’ comp, Farmers Insurance has good, competitive plans to offer.”

In addition, Mike noted that service through Farmers Insurance is often far better than what SAIF offers. For instance, if there is an audit with premium due, SAIF will often tell the business owner they need to pay up within 30 days. Farmers, however, can spread the payments out over four months to help the business pay the cost of the audit premium. Mike noted that his customers have the option of medical reimbursement.

“If anybody has a loss that can affect the businesses’ insurance rates going forward, with Farmers, if it’s under $1,900, you have the option of reimbursing us for the cost so it doesn’t affect your rates,” Mike said. “And with SAIF, if a payment is missing, you’ll get a notice of cancellation. We’ll contact you and remind you to get that payment in. SAIF probably will not do that. You’re kind of a number to them.”

Mike takes the concept of personalized service seriously.

“If you get audited, there’s an agent to call,” he said. “I’ll be here to help.”


1548 E FIRST ST., NEWBERG, OR 97132



Brought to you by Branden Thompson, Chehalem Glenn Golf Course

Branden Thompson, Chehalem Glenn Golf CourseIf you struggle with hitting the ball solidly, try thinking of a baseball pitcher to fix your weight shift. As you swing the club back, the weight should increasingly be supported by the trail foot. Think of a pitcher in the middle of his windup. He is completely on his trail foot. In the golf swing, we don’t lift our lead foot completely off the ground, so we still have 10% to 20% of our weight supported by that foot. The rest should be on the trail foot, loaded up and ready to go toward the target.

Next is the magic move that really separates good golf swings from bad. The transition into the down swing has to begin with a lateral shift of the weight onto the lead foot. I can’t stress how important that is to striking the ball solidly. This shift moves the low point of the swing in front of the ball rather than behind it, creating an impact position with 90% of the weight supported by the lead foot, and hands leading the club head through the impact zone. Most amateur golfers have the opposite move.

The best drill to feel a good weight shift is to exaggerate the feeling by lifting your lead foot off the ground during the back swing, and lifting your trail foot off the ground on your follow through. Try it first without hitting balls, then gradually introduce the ball as you start to get better at it.





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PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: MILES VANCE - Titania (Sara Fay Goldman) sleeps while her fairies dance in Experience Theatre Project's production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' at The Round in Beaverton on Friday, June 24.
June 25, 2016

Shakespeare heads outdoors, with some timely political drama

by Bianca Pahl
Lo, tradition wafts solftly through Portland's nature, with gentle, warm summer nights graced by fair ensemble, hastening a season of performance that spills into the eve' beginning this…
June 25, 2016

Four hurt in head-on crash near Sheridan

by Newberg Graphic
One flown to Portland with life-threatening injuries On Friday night, June 24, at about 7 p.m., Oregon State Patrol Troopers and emergency personnel responded to a two-vehicle head-on crash on…
June 22, 2016

State completes new minimum wage standards

by Pamplin Media Group
Employers will be required to pay a rate based on where an employee works more than 50 percent of the time Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries finalized new minimum wage rules last week,…

June 22, 2016

NDPD officer charged with official misconduct

by Colin Staub
Officer who allegedly had relationship with former city manager investigated in separate incident An official misconduct charge has been filed against Newberg-Dundee Police officer Jeremy Fair,…
OREGON DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION - The next phase of the Newberg-Dundee bypass is planned to run northeast from Highway 219 to Highway 99W at the base of Rex Hill.
June 22, 2016

Bypass savings allocated for second phase land purchase

by Colin Staub
The second phase of the Newberg-Dundee bypass project came a step closer to fruition last week with its addition into a state transportation funding program. The Oregon Transportation…
FILE PHOTO - Jacob Hill will be sentenced for his role in a planned shooting at Newberg High School at 4 p.m. Friday.
June 29, 2016

Hill to be sentenced Friday afternoon

by Seth Gordon
After five hours of testimony and arguments Thursday, John Collins delays disposition ruling in planned Newberg High School shooting case until 4 p.m. Friday Jacob Hill, who was judged to be…
June 22, 2016

Oregon DMV rules make state ripe for fraud, auto theft

by Pamplin Media Group
Investigation shows it's easy to persuade the Department of Motor Vehicles to sign off on transferring a vehicle title Crystal Toner was aghast to find an empty carport outside her southwest…
June 22, 2016

June 22 business briefs

by (none)
Yamhill County cities receive PGE cash Nine cities in Yamhill County recently received franchise fees and privilege tax payments from Portland General Electric for 2016, allowing the power…
June 22, 2016

Inspiration Point: Giving only to the 'worthy poor'

by Pamplin Media Group
Margaret was once again showing her concern for the poor, dropping off used clothes to help people in the community who are struggling. She goes back decades in her concern for the poor. She was…
June 22, 2016

June 22 public safety round-up

by Pamplin Media Group
Outstanding warrants, Newberg-Dundee Police Department log, Newberg Fire Department log and Yamhill County jail reports Outstanding warrants Area law enforcement officers are looking for the…

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TRIBUNE PHOTO: JONATHAN HOUSE - Xander Perkins looks for the owner of a lost pomeranian as he carries him up the hill at Roger Tilbury Park in Beaverton. This photo won first place in lifestyle photography for a non-daily news source in the 2016 Northwest Excellence in Journalism awards.
Jun 20, 2016

Pamplin newspapers win top honors in regional contest

by Pamplin Media Group
Three first-place wins and a total of seven awards for Northwest news Pamplin Media Group newspapers won seven awards from the Society of Professional Journalists Region 10 contest. The…
Jun 18, 2016

Willamina man dies in car crash near Woodburn

by Pamplin Media Group
Witnesses say driver in crash was traveling faster than 100 mph A Willamina man died after a car crash south of Woodburn on Interstate 5. Around 6:16 a.m. Saturday, June 18, Oregon State Police…
Jun 18, 2016

McMinnville cop fires shot at car involved in chase

by Pamplin Media Group
Round did not hit the car's occupants A McMinnville police officer fired a shot at a crashed car in a chase on Saturday, June 18. McMinnville Police Capt. Dennis Marks said the round did not hit…
Jun 14, 2016

Officer charged with official misconduct

by Colin Staub
Jeremy Fair, who allegedly had relationship with former city manager, investigated in separate incident An official misconduct charge has been filed against Newberg-Dundee Police Officer Jeremy…
Jun 15, 2016

CYFS will appeal state's decision to revoke license

by Colin Staub
Residential care provider alleges state's recent action is politically motivated The Oregon Department of Human Services’ intent to revoke a license held by Chehalem Youth and Family Services…
Jun 15, 2016

City laws finalized for pot retailers, wholesalers

by Colin Staub
Final four marijuana business categories have guidelines on where they can locate in town The final step has been taken in regulating where and how marijuana facilities can operate in the city…
Jun 15, 2016

City council pay draws some heated discussion

by Colin Staub
Wide difference of opinion on whether councilors should be paid more to cover expenses incurred in service to the city A heated Newberg City Council discussion took place last week when…
Jun 15, 2016

Budget approved with new hires and higher reserves

by Colin Staub
Old Fashioned Festival makes a request at final hearing, but council postpones decision to study other possibilities The city of Newberg has its governing financial document for the coming…
Jun 15, 2016

Starting a business? State is here to help

by (none)
It starts as the dream of many, either through a lifelong passion, frustration over a boss or coworker, or merely the desire for wealth. You wake up one morning and decide you would like to own…
Jun 15, 2016

June 15 public safety round-up

by (none)
Outstanding warrants, Yamhill County jail reports, Newberg Fire Department log, Newberg-Dundee Police Department log Outstanding warrants Area law enforcement officers are looking for the…