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Heard Around School: River Grove Elementary School


Who is your favorite character from a TV show, book or movie, and what do you like about him or her?

Trenton Bonfiglio

“It’d be Greg from ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid.’ Well, he’s always getting into crazy situations like almost eating cheese that’s 50 years old.”

— Trenton Bonfiglio, second-grader

Timothy Rosca

“My favorite made-up character is Aslan from ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ because he protects everybody and helps in a lot of dangerous situations.”

— Timothy Rosca, third-grader

Macie Lappin

“Haley from “Modern Family” — she’s just funny, and she’s kind of outgoing.”

— Macie Lappin, fifth-grader

Jadyn Harrell

“I like Zoey from ‘Zoey 101.’ I like her because she’s funny, and she protects her friends.”

— Jadyn Harrell, third-grader

Marin Lafrance

“Rarity from ‘My Little Pony.’ It’s a show. She likes to make clothes and so do I.”

— Marin Lafrance, first-grader

Ben Lalev

“‘Minecraft.’ I don’t know, because it’s cool.”

— Ben Lalev, kindergartener