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Jonathan Wisniewski, Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Tualatin (EVCOT)

Thanksgiving brings friends and family together around the dinner table to partake in a tasty feast. But it's important that the holiday smorgasbord be kept away from pets. Follow these tips to keep your pets healthy and safe during Thanksgiving.

There are many foods that humans eat that pose a risk to pet's health, or are even poisonous. Fatty foods, like turkey skin, are hard for animals to digest. Poultry bones can damage your pet's digestive tract. And desserts can contain ingredients poisonous to pets.

Tip #1: Make sure the feast stays on the table.

Tip #2: No pie or other desserts for your pet

Chocolate can be deadly for pets, even though many dogs find it tempting and will sniff it out and eat it. The artificial sweetener called xylitol — commonly used in sugar-free baked goods — also can be deadly if consumed by dogs or cats.

Tip #3: Yeast dough can cause problems for pets, including painful gas and potentially dangerous bloating.

Tip #4: Put the trash away where your pets can't find it. Dispose of turkey carcasses and bones — and anything used to wrap or tie the meat, such as strings, bags and packaging.

Tip #5: Quick action can save lives. If you believe your pet has been poisoned or eaten something it shouldn't have, call your veterinarian or local veterinary emergency clinic immediately. Signs of pet distress include: sudden changes in behavior, depression, pain, vomiting, or diarrhea.

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