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September 11, 2014

Council should follow will of the people

by Roger Rollins
I appreciate a recent statement by Mayor Kent Studebaker regarding his commitment to confront the issue of city staff pursuing their own agenda rather than that of the City Council and to…
September 11, 2014

Wizer Block: the right project at the right time

by Bill Gordon
As a supporter of Patrick Kessi’s proposal for the Wizer Block, I strongly urge the City Council to approve his appeal of the Development Review Commission’s denial — a denial that seems to be…
September 11, 2014

Wizer Block: progress done the right way

by Paul Graham
As both a downtown small-business owner and a 40-year resident of Lake Oswego, I enthusiastically support the proposed redevelopment of the Wizer Block. An independent analysis says that this…
September 11, 2014

Girls' sports deserving of community's support, too

by Jerry Gilbert
Title IX certainly changed the landscape of sports for girls and women in the U.S., and did so rather radically. We are a far better society for it. In the 40-plus years since Title IX became…
September 11, 2014

Wizer Block opinions should be based on facts

by Patrick H. Kessi
There was much I agreed with in last week’s Review editorial (“Wizer Decision isn’t about right and wrong: it is about shaping the city’s future,” Sept. 4.) Shaping positive futures for…
September 11, 2014

Neighbors offer up three simple requests for Hallinan Heights

by Hallinan Heights neighbors
In recent articles in The Review, Debbie and Dave Craig make the case that the 16 houses they are developing will have a positive effect on the Hallinan Heights neighborhood. Given the Craigs’…
September 11, 2014

Striving to help our students excel nationally

by LOSD School Board
“The Lake Oswego School District is no longer competing only with districts in the State of Oregon. Our schools are competing nationally with the beginning of Common Core State Standards and…
September 11, 2014

Readers' Letters

by (none)
Immigration law isn’t simple A recent letter writer seeks to expound on the law and how it is really quite simple. After having studied the law and practiced the law for many years, I have found…
September 04, 2014

Wizer decision isn't about right and wrong; it's about shaping…

by (none)
City Councilor Jeff Gudman was asked the other day about the biggest challenges he’s faced while serving on the Lake Oswego City Council, and we found his answer intriguing. The toughest calls,…
September 04, 2014

Are our schools preparing LO students for college?

by Bob Barman
Over the past three years, I have had the honor of handing out approximately 1,800 diplomas to graduating seniors. On the podium this past June, as I looked out at a sea of excited students, I…

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Sep 04, 2014

Charter amendment would still give citizens a voice in road…

by Lake Oswego City Council
A decision to request that citizens change the Lake Oswego City Charter is not undertaken without considerable deliberation. Your City Council believes that a change in Section 40 of the Charter…
Sep 04, 2014

Developers, property owners deserve certainty

by Vanessa Sturgeon
Lake Oswego is my home. Development is my business. Developers like me, and property owners like you, know where to find the rules that define what we can do on our property. For Gene Wizer,…
Sep 04, 2014

'We feel our neighborhood has been stolen from us'

by Hallinan Heights neighbors
We are some of Dave and Debbie Craig’s “aging neighbors,” and some of us have been long-time friends of the Craigs. Their recent Citizen’s View (“Searching for Balance on Aging Cedar Street,”…
Sep 04, 2014

Democracy is not a spectator sport: Register to vote

by Marge Easley and Sonja Kollias
Election season is upon us. Are you registered to vote? Sept. 23 is National Voter Registration Day — a great reminder that registering to vote is the first step toward having your voice counted…
Sep 04, 2014

Costly water project demonstrates why fiscal responsibility is…

by Gerry Good
Did you know that the intergovernmental agreement for the Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership was signed in 2008, under Mayor Judie Hammerstad, with an original maximum cost estimate of $90…
Sep 04, 2014

Wizer Block will make downtown a destination

by Brian Geraths
I’ve lived on the edge of Lake Oswego for about 19 years. Though I’m in another county, a high percentage of my commerce has been with the businesses of Lake Oswego. Two years ago, I moved my…
Sep 04, 2014

Don't let government trample on the rights of property owners

by Bob Packwood
If there was a godfather in American Constitutional history, it was the English philosopher John Locke. Locke’s thinking was that political society existed for the sake of protecting property,…
Sep 04, 2014

Judge Wizer Block project on the standards in place

by Michael L. Sander
After reviewing the facts, I am struggling to understand the recent decision made by the Development Review Commission as it evaluated the Wizer Block proposal. In a close 3-2 final vote, three…
Sep 04, 2014

Readers' Letters

by (none)
DRC got it right I was impressed to hear that the Development Review Commission recently concluded that the proposal for the Wizer Block did not meet the city’s building code or the vision…
Aug 28, 2014

Searching for balance on aging Cedar Street

by Dave Craig and Debbie Freepons Craig
We live at the end of Cedar Street in the second-oldest neighborhood in Lake Oswego. We are told that iron-ore workers moved up the hill to our neighborhood to escape the smoke and soot from the…

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