Many cooling centers available to residents looking to avoid high temperatures

As summer temperatures are expected to average above 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the coming days, East Multnomah County residents need to be prepared to handle the heat and help others find ways to stay cool.

Multnomah County is operating five cooling centers for adults, people with disabilities and those at risk for heat-related illnesses across the region. The Gresham location is the Multnomah County East Building, 600 N.E. Eighth St. Pets and children are welcome at the county cooling centers.

Other options include the city of Corbett, 35800 Historic Columbia River Highway, and any local library. A fun spot for children is the splash pad at the Gresham Center for the Arts Plaza, 488 N.E. Third St.

To stay cool in the heat, follow these tips:

• Drink plenty of water, avoiding alcohol and caffeine.

• Visit a family member or neighbor with air conditioning, a shopping mall or other cooled space.

• Wear a wide-brimmed hat and loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing.

• Never wait in a parked car or leave a child, elder of pet inside a vehicle.

• Reduce strenuous activities until the heat has passed.

• Stay out the sun, and use sunscreen to prevent being burned.

• Take a cool bath, shower or sponge bath.

• Pay attention to older adults, people with disabilities or anyone with preexisting health conditions.

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