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Greg Rosen

Common misconceptions about what you can and can't do explained.

As Realtors we meet hundreds of people yearly. Some of you may not know the rules that you need to follow when viewing homes for sale. To help you with this here's a list of a few things you shouldn't do.

#1.Just because there's a liquor cabinet does not mean you can take a few straight shots because the seller will never know.

#2. You can't eat any food whatsoever in any of the homes you're going to look at just because you're hungry.

#3. Any Cookies or Brownies you see marked "special" were not put there for you to sample by the seller.

#4. You can't rearrange the furniture because it doesn't look right.

#5. You can use the restroom if needed. If that event turns into a hazardous waste cleanup site with all the odors involved you should refrain from that activity. 

#6. You can't under any circumstanced tour the home in your underwear, it doesn't matter if that's the only way you will know if you feel comfortable in the home.

#7. Young children left unattended to run around the home unsupervised will be given an entire bag of candy, a dozen sugar cookies and several bottles of coke as soon as were done looking at homes.

If you can follow these rules negotiating with the seller will be so much easier for your broker when the offer is presented. Trust these rules. Every sales book on the art of negotiations is very clear on this subject: Never piss off the guy whose house you are trying to buy.

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