MLK letter still relevant today

MLK letter still relevant today

Former Hillsboro teacher received a letter from MLK in 1967

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Brought to you by Nate Boyd, The Gym
Brought to you by Chris and Victoria Garfield, John L. Scott Market Center Forest Grove
Brought to you by Kevin Kuntz, Hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning
Brought to you by Maple Street Clinic

Brought to you by Scott Palmer, Artistic Director, BagNBaggage

Scott PalmerWhen people say “the British Bard,” most of the time they are referring to the one

and only William Shakespeare. There is, however, another British poet that has captured the hearts and minds of the British people (and people throughout the world) with his wit, wisdom, and powerful poetry: Burns achieved the

coveted title of “national poet of Scotland," and his works are

still performed throughout the world to this day.

Unlike his fellow British writer William Shakespeare,

Robert Burns has his very own holiday named after him:

Burns Night! Bag&Baggage’s

Burns Night Supper will follow Scottish tradition by featuring

a live bagpiper, drams of whiskey, and a traditional

Scottish meal including cocka-leekie soup, neeps and tatties, bangers and mash, sticky toffee pudding, and of

course, haggis. There will also be a

small silent and live auction

selection. Guests will be “piped

in” to the event and will also

be entertained by performances

by B&B resident actors of

Burns poetry and contemporary

Scottish poetry. In addition,

singers from the Oregon

Chorale will perform a range

of Scottish songs, including

The Rose of Scotland and Auld

Lang Syne.

Tickets for the event at $80

and include entertainment, a

traditional Burns Night Supper,

and a dram of tasting

whiskey. A cash bar featuring

a range of scotches, wines and

beers is also available. The

event begins at 5:00pm on January

28, 2017 at Merriwether

National Golf Club in Hillsboro

and tickets must be purchased

in advance. Tickets can be purchased

online at www.bagnbaggage.

org or by calling the

box office at 503 345 9590.




Brought to you by Dr. Scott Hein, DPT, PT, OCS Therapeutic Associates Forest Grove Physical Therapy

Dr. Scott Hein, DPT, PT, OCS

Are you one of the nearly 80 million Americans suffering from low back pain at this moment?

Do you think injection or surgery may be the answer?

Do you have a family member, friend or neighbor who has dealt with back pain and underwent surgery for it?

Looking at statistics on low back pain in our country, the odds are good that you answered yes to at least one of the above questions. Back pain affects many of us. In fact, studies show that 80% of the population will experience low back pain at some point in their lives.

One good thing that may be coming from this recognition of how big of a problem low back pain is today is that it’s forcing the healthcare system to recognize that the traditional approach to treating it has not worked. Virginia Mason medical center in Seattle has now shown that within their system, treating patients with Physical Therapy within 14 days of the onset of low back pain resulted in significant cost savings, lower treatment duration and better patient outcomes (typically excellent—some cases resulted in relief of pain after 2 visits). This was opposed to the traditional approach where a patient is prescribed medication, ordered x-rays/MRI/CT scans then treated later with injection, surgery or physical therapy (approximately double the cost, significantly longer treatment duration and poorer outcomes up to 1 year later).

So, if you are experiencing low back pain and unsure of what to do—try Physical Therapy.

Therapeutic Associates Forest Grove Physical Therapy

2005 Elm St. #200

Forest Grove 97116


Brought to you by Kevin Kuntz, Hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning

Kevin Kuntz

To keep our customers informed of Oregon code changes and sys­tem enhancement products, we have two items to highlight.

Locking Refrigerant Access Ports: All new installations of outside air conditioners or heat pumps now require locking re­frigerant access ports. The code was put into place to prevent peo­ple from inhaling (huffing) Freon from residential and commercial systems. Locking caps also pre­vent the theft of Freon for resale. The cost of Freon is rising and is worth more per pound then met­al. Some systems require more than one cap. These caps require a special key and are for service technicians only. This is also why we do not leave the key for the caps with the homeowner.

Carbon monoxide detec­tors are also required to be in­stalled in all family dwellings. This code is strictly enforced. We believe every house should have a carbon monoxide detector. The investment is minimal com­pared to one’s life. Every dwell­ing should have one and in some cases more than one. They need to be located in each bedroom or within fifteen feet of each bed­room door. Things to look for are power consumption and battery backup life, location of where to mount the unit, and life expec­tancy of the unit. We currently sell a unit which reads at lower levels than most store purchased models, and has a built in battery backup, with a detector life of seven years.

Call Hybrid today to update your home for safety and code upgrades.

Hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning




Brought to you by Barb Colter, Practice Administrator, Maple Street Clinic

Barb Colter, Practice Administrator

We hope your holiday sea-son is merry, bright and jolly! We hope you are excited for the magic of the season to take hold. But if you find yourself not so jolly, or flat out sad, you are not alone. Stressors such as loneliness, lack of funds, be-ing away from a loved one, a loss in family (death, divorce, change of address,) memo-ries of past holidays, unreal-istic expectations, etc. might push your emotions close to a breaking point. If you find yourself in this boat, try these tips to help get and stay on the positive side; ¦ Predict and handle poten-tial stressors early-on: Cre-ate a schedule, make a bud-get and stick to it, do not go overboard, remember it real-ly is the thought that counts. ¦ Take care of yourself: Get enough sleep and exercise, keep your already estab-lished routines, seek sun-light when possible, read a book, get a massage, take a drive in the evening to look at the lights, do something that makes you happy to re-charge your batteries. ¦ Manage loneliness: be pro-active in your plans, call a friend, purchase a ticket to visit family/friends far away, volunteer to help those less fortunate, accept an invita-tion to dinner, plan a new year’s party of your own, be in control of your circum-stances. ¦ Be aware: Remember that it’s normal to not always be happy this time of year, and that’s okay. Do remember if you’re ever feeling particu-larly depressed or stressed, call us. We stand ready to help you find a way to develop a successful holiday survival plan.

Maple Street Clinic P.C.

1825 MAPLE ST.



Forest Grove's Opinions

February 22, 2017

Letters to the editor

by Pamplin Media Group
Immigration, bigotry, immigration and 'fake news' on writers' minds this week
February 22, 2017

DeVos' policies could further erode promise of free, appropriate public education

by Leif Gustavson
Education department head at Pacific University weighs in on possible scenarios under new U.S. education secretary
February 14, 2017

Do you know an Amazing Kid?

by Editorial Board
Nominations are now open for 2017 awards program by Pamplin Media Group

February 14, 2017

Things left unsaid by Sen. Sanders at ACA town hall

by Robert L. Seward
The problems of Obamacare can be repaired by adding public option, dropping Medicare-eligible age
February 08, 2017

Letters: Sanctuary city, Supreme Court

by Pamplin Media Group
Writers concerned about 'no' vote in Forest Grove and Donald Trump's pick for the high court
February 08, 2017

Missionary: why I love serving in Forest Grove

by Spencer Heywood
Spencer Heywood of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints invites residents to spiritual conversation
February 08, 2017

Como se dice 'stand strong' en español?

by Robin Lindsley
Writer says sanctuary city designation would make everyone 'homies' in Forest Grove
February 07, 2017

Letters to the editor

by Pamplin Media Group
Forest Grove residents comment on the local Sanctuary City issue
February 01, 2017

Failure of 'sanctuary city' vote must not cause further division

by Linda Taylor
'Forest Grove is a safe and welcoming community for all people,' says writer
February 01, 2017

A blow to one of us is a blow to all of us

by Editorial Board
Washington County Argus will cease publication Marsh 29, ending a more than 100-year run for newspaper
February 01, 2017

Women's march just the beginning of 'long haul'

by Dr. Martha Rampton
Rampton: 'I feel like I want to defend the democracy that I think is truly under siege'
January 19, 2017

Saying goodbye to a 'moral' man as he exits the presidency

by Rev. Chuck Currie
Barack Obama leaves the White House with legacy of promoting inclusion
January 18, 2017

Why I am attending Donald Trump's inauguration

by Suzanne Bonamici
On Jan. 20, Inauguration Day, I will join our current and past presidents, members of Congress, other government officials and people…
January 18, 2017

Letters to the editor: Opinions on 'sanctuary city' designation for Forest Grove

by Pamplin Media Group
Keep Forest Grove a 'friendly,' but not 'sanctuary,' city I understand the designation of "Sanctuary City" does not have any true…
January 18, 2017

Sanctuary city? Forest Grove is already an inclusive community

by Kristina Bragdon
The consideration (action) and the potential result (consequence) must be considered in regards to the City’s: ACTION: “Discussion on…
January 18, 2017

Washington County should drop out of timber lawsuit

by Editorial Board
Washington County Commissioners should opt out of a class action lawsuit aimed at wringing more than $1 billion from the State of…
January 18, 2017

Federally directed racial profiling could be coming

by Ixchel Lechuga
I’m Mexican American. I’m a United States Citizen, daughter of United States citizens, and granddaughter of United States citizens. My…
January 16, 2017

Honor Dr. King by continuing to work toward justice for all

by Rev. Chuck Currie
t is important for us to pause and remember the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We do so not just to acknowledge the…
January 16, 2017

Honor MLK by continuing to work toward justice for all

by Rev. Chuck Currie
We regret that the Martin Luther King Day festivities were HYPERLINK…
January 10, 2017

Letters to the editor

by Jill Rehkopf Smith
Letter to the editor: Critic of 'left wing' short on facts

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Jan 04, 2017

Sign up for health insurance by Jan. 31

by Susan Johnson
Be sure to sign up for healthcare coverage by month's end
Jan 04, 2017

Letters to the editor

by Pamplin Media Gorup
Hillsboro resident responds to a letter that ran previously on opinion pages
Jan 03, 2017

Purpose, place and price are key to college hunting

by Dan Potenzieri
Gaston graduates gives young people, parents college advice with new year
Dec 27, 2016

Our 2017 wish list: less division, more pragmatic thinking

by Editorial Board
Our 2017 wish list: less division, more pragmatic thinking
Mikel Kelly spent 41 years working for community newspapers until he retired last year. Now he watches way too much television and contributes a regular column.
Dec 27, 2016

A few suggestions for the local media in the wake of our recent bad weather

by Mikel Kelly
A few suggestions for the local media in the wake of our recent bad weather