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April 15, 2015

Springtime needn't be drinking time

by Andrew Mendenhall
Oregon’s weather’s been glorious for weeks, so you can’t blame students if they’ve caught spring fever. But for too many young people, springtime means party time, and the risks associated with…
April 15, 2015

County, Metro on right track with planning process

by (None)
Most Washington County residents probably believe long-range planning is a good thing, and planning for the future is simply common sense. From our perspective, planning is extremely wise to…
April 15, 2015

Maggie's is an asset to the community

by Various
Maggie’s Buns is far more than a successful, long-established business. It has become an integral part of Forest Grove and the surrounding area. Maggie’s has helped make its customers and local…
April 15, 2015

Sheriff has concerns about bill on gun background checks

by Pat Garrett
Senate Bill 941 is not a new concept, but the latest effort to legislate background checks on private gun sales. In fact, over several past legislative sessions, Oregon sheriffs have expressed…
April 08, 2015

How to build a better work force

by Andrew McGough & Norm Eder
Work force. Everyone knows we need one. And most of us want a better one, ready and skilled for the demands of the modern workplace. The question is, do we mean it? Last December, the…
April 08, 2015

Why I support the Clean Fuels Program

by Susan McLain
As a mother and grandmother, I feel it is my responsibility to invest in a cleaner future for the generations to come. Oregon currently ranks second in the nation in the clean energy economy,…
April 08, 2015

Making Gain Share equitable for everyone

by Editorial board
Oregon politicians talk incessantly about the need for better jobs in this state, and for good reason. When more people are working at higher wages, the income taxes they generate help pay for…
April 01, 2015

Transportation funding must not remain in gridlock

by Editorial board
Here’s a timely question: What’s moving slower in the Portland metropolitan area, the traffic at 5 p.m. on local freeways, or the efforts to do something about those snarled conditions? When it…
April 01, 2015

Time to celebrate Forest Grove's trees

by Jen Warren
In 1990, a group of dedicated volunteers decided to take action. They took action to ensure the longevity of one of Forest Grove’s most important assets — our urban forests. These efforts…
April 01, 2015

SIP is Oregon's best economic development tool

by Christiana Mayer
The opinion piece written by Walt Hellman (“SIP fails to provide adequate government revenue,” News-Times, March 11 issue) inaccurately bemoaned a so-called failure of our state’s biggest…

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Mar 25, 2015

Frohnmayer's 'Oregon Blueprint' and the embrace of citizenship

by (none)
Nine years ago, Dave Frohnmayer — then president of the University of Oregon — was invited to speak to the Oregon Community Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to improving the…
Mar 25, 2015

There are good reasons to ban plastic bags

by John Hayes and Elaine Cole
The Forest Grove Sustainability Commission voted to send a recommendation to the Forest Grove City Council to enact a ban on single-use plastic bags at checkout counters at city businesses. The…
Mar 25, 2015

Transparency in government vital in free society

by Editorial Board
For more than 40 years, Oregon has claimed to have transparency in government. Public records and public meetings laws approved in 1973 are supposed to enforce the ideal that the people’s…
Mar 25, 2015

In case of ex-coach, will punishment fit the 'crime'?

by Wade Evanson
Robert Schuppert Jr. is guilty, per the police, the district attorney’s office, and a jury of his peers. But according to Schuppert, to the alleged victim, to her mother, and to a lie detector…
Mar 18, 2015

Letters to the editor

by Various
Honored to represent the Banks community I read with deep regret about Chance Ford, a constituent from Banks, who is the victim of a tragic accident. As this story advanced, I learned that a…
Mar 18, 2015

Governors too often put economics ahead of people

by Russ Dondero
The endemic “sickness” of the John Kitzhaber era just keeps spilling out in the headline news of local media outlets. The latest revelation is about a forestry advisor to Kitzhaber who, like…
Mar 18, 2015

Strong support for library levy is positive sign

by Hillsboro Tribune
A recent telephone poll revealing a high level of voter support for the county’s library system is very good news. In January polling, researchers at Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc., a…
Mar 11, 2015

Let voters decide on term limits measure

by Doug Burkhardt
Last week, two Washington County residents filed a petition with the Washington County Elections Office to place term limits on those serving on the Washington County Board of Commissioners.…
Mar 13, 2015

Legislators wrong to approve hidden gas tax

by Mark Richman and Dan Mason
Those of us in Washington County spend a lot of time stuck in traffic. Thanks to the recent votes of three Washington County legislators, that’s not going to change any time soon. With less…
Mar 11, 2015

SIP fails to provide adequate government revenue

by Walt Hellman
Back in the day when a new major industry came to town, it paid its full share of property taxes. This money was needed to fund the expanded roads, schools and other government services required…

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