This week's calls include: ignoring road-closed signs, anonymous threats and a serendipitous DUII arrest.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 422 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Saturday, Feb. 9

• A man called police to report the Vatican hacked his intellectual property, as evidenced by his failed internet connection. Officers were able to convince the man that the papacy was most likely not involved.

• Police were called to an apartment complex to resolve a dispute over children throwing snowballs at a neighbor's property and cars.

• A man reported that his neighbor had damaged his vehicle by placing a note under his windshield wipers asking him to keep noise levels down. Officers found no evidence of damage and suggested this was a courtesy to resolve the matter without police involvement. The unpersuaded man wanted action to be taken and was advised of civil options.

Sunday, Feb. 10

• Officers checked on a baby stroller that had been left unattended along a busy road. The stroller was empty, and no owner was located.

• A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend was at her apartment knocking on the door for well over a half an hour late at night. Officers arrived and assisted the man in retrieving some property from the location, after which he promptly left the location.

• Officers checked on a man who was reported to have been sleeping on a bench at a bus stop for several hours in the wintry elements. Police found the subject to be a man they had witnessed awake, alert and talking with another person just a few minutes prior.

Monday, Feb. 11

• Police responded to numerous locations where high water and flooding created traffic hazards around town. At one point, a vehicle opted to go around a road closure sign and became stranded; the vehicle was towed. Police remind drivers that road closure signs are for the safety of citizens as well as first responders.

• A business reported that man was tampering with the keypad to open the business's gate. Police contacted the man, who had previously been warned about this same issue, and advised that jail would be his next destination if he ever returned to the property.

• A caller reported that he had been left a threatening voice message by an unknown man over the weekend. Officers are investigating.

Tuesday, Feb. 12

• A church reported that an RV had been parked in the lot for several days and the driver was uncooperative when asked to leave. Officers contacted the occupants and advised them to move along, which they did without incident.

• A man reported the attempted theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars from his bank account. Officers are investigating.

• A caller reported her juvenile sibling receiving anonymous messages over social media suggesting they should kill themselves, among other threats. Police are investigating.

Wednesday, Feb. 13

• A caller reported a woman in an apartment complex parking lot burning paper, supposedly for "religious reasons," and that the woman threatened the caller with a gun when contacted. Police found the woman burning paper in a barbecue pit and advised officers that she did not possess or threaten a gun; police determined none of the activity was criminal.

• Two Forest Grove patrol officers were returning to the station following a presentation on DUII to the FGPD Citizen's Academy class when they located a vehicle that had been reportedly driving erratically through town and found the driver to be driving under the influence of intoxicants. He was arrested.

• Police responded to a report of a fight at a residence in town. On arrival, officers located a couple who were engaged in a verbal argument. They agreed to separate for the night.

Thursday, Feb. 14

• Officers located a man lingering around the back gate of the police station early in the morning. The man advised he was looking for his son. Officers explained that the man had been arrested by Washington County deputies and taken to the jail in Hillsboro.

• A woman reported a naked woman urinated in the bushes along Pacific Avenue late at night. Officers located a fully clothed man and no evidence of urine. He was advised to move along.

• A caller reported an unknown person had attempted to break into a vacant house currently for sale over night. Police found no evidence of entry or anything amiss.

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