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March 23, 2017

Trumps's priorities deviate from values of Oregonians

by Adam Davis
It's all about values (or lack thereof), and the president and many of his Republican brethren clearly value tax cuts for the wealthy and a deregulated free market system as more important than…
KOIN PHOTO  - Medicines containing pseudoephedrine are shown behind the counter at the pharmacy.
March 23, 2017

Oppose bill, keep pseudoephedrine out of reach in Oregon

by Marianne Daoust
Pseudoephedrine is a necessary precursor ingredient used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine, so it fuels our illicit drug trade while depleting our community resources, not to mention…
ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 1987, Estacada Elementary School was decorated with animals in celebration of what students were studying.
March 23, 2017

1967: 5,000 eggs prepared for Easter festivities

by Emily Lindstrand
Two decades later, Estacada Elementary School was adorned with animals

ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 1987, Estacada Community Center director Louise Mahlum posed with a giant stuffed bunny, an auction prize to support operations at the center.
March 15, 2017

2007: Auction boasts an evening with Academy Award, winning…

by Emily Lindstrand
Two decades prior, the Community Center hosted an Easter-themed auction
ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 2007, Julie MacDonald, age 10, took Daisy to a Good Manners class at the recently-opened Teachers Pet.
March 08, 2017

1997: Bakery employees celebrate birthdays

by Emily Lindstrand
Ten years later, there was a new pet store in town
FILE PHOTO - Mikel Kelly
March 02, 2017

There's fake news, and then there's genuine fake news

by Mikel Kelly
The news being targeted by the president - you know, the stuff reported by organizations like The 'Failing' New York Times, CBS, CNN, etc. - is not 'fake' news, but simply news he doesn't like.
COURTESY WIKIMEDIA/OREGON STATE SENATE - Oregon State Senate districts, shown by blue Democrats and red Republicans.
March 02, 2017

Redistricting will move Oregon forward

by Dennis Richardson
Oregon's Legislature is responsible for redrawing district lines objectively. However, partisanship and incumbency can unduly influence how legislative and congressional districts are reshaped.
March 02, 2017

Letter to the editor

by Pamplin Media Group
Drug, alcohol and substance abuse is an issue that's not only visible in the our community but also in our local schools.
ARCHIVE PHOTO - Virginia and Stan Swartzendruber show one of the cakes they donated to Estacada High Schools honors dessert, which celebrated students that had earned a grade point average of 3.5 of higher. The Swartzendrubers supplied approximately $200 worth of cakes for the event
March 01, 2017

1987: Retired school band director comments on program's 'slow…

by Emily Lindstrand
A decade later, Virginia and Stan Swartzendruber donated deserts to Estacada High School
FILE PHOTO - Steve Brown
February 21, 2017

You can help shape Estacada News opinion pieces

by Steve Brown
From our vantage point as a locally produced community newspaper, we need to focus on our full attention on our primary mission, which is to provide coverage and content that reflects the…

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ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 1987, this puppet appeared in an ad for PACC Health Plans.
Feb 23, 2017

1967: Golf chairman lauded for sportsmanship

by Emily Lindstrand
Twenty years prior, a puppet starred in an advertisement for health insurance
FILE PHOTO - Bill MacKenzie
Feb 16, 2017

Put a cork in it: Oregon needs hiring freeze now

by Bill MacKenzie
Most states, when they confront financial hard times, put a hold on hiring.
FILE PHOTO - Is your kid amazing?
Feb 16, 2017

Give us your Amazing Kids nominees soon

by Editorial Board
The Pamplin Media Group is once again sponsoring the annual Amazing Kids award, presented to a young people who have made a difference in their communities.
Feb 16, 2017

Letter to the editor

by Pamplin Media Group
What will count as success in 'getting immigrants off welfare?' How many and where are they now? What is the goal? Shorter time on welfare? None on at all, ever?
ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 1977, Abbie Armstrong, pictured here with store owner Ron Kiggins,  won the weekly Lucky Shopper drawing  Rynnings Rexall Drugs. She recieved $100 of merchandise.
Feb 16, 2017

2016: Longtime code enforcement officer retires

by Emily Lindstrand
In 1977, a lucky shopper won $100 worth of local merchandise
FILE PHOTO - Aharown Luke and his son, Sage, admire the crops beginning to grow on their farm. One year ago, the family was spreading the word about their Community Supported Agriculture program.
Feb 09, 2017

1987: Yankee Lady writes love letter to Doodlebug

by Emily Lindstrand
Nearly three decades later, a local family was eager to share their farm with the community
ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 1966,  Charles T. Hiltz, manager of the Eagle Creek Hatchery, was honored by the Bureau of Sports Fisheries and Wildlife employees for his work with fish breeding.
Feb 02, 2017

1997: Kevin Costner films at Three Lynx

by Emily Lindstrand
Three decades before, the Eagle Creek Hatchery manager was honored for his work with fish