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Photo Credit: ARCHIVE PHOTO - 1994: After a tumultuous tenure plagued by a divided city council, lawsuits and near constant infighting, City Manager Shelley Jones resigned despite the unanimous support of the city's 11 full-time employees that she had overseen. Jones was the sixth city manager in six years to resign.
November 19, 2014

Yesterday's Headlines

by Isabel Gautschi
1994: Sixth city manager in six years resigns 1974 The paper reported that a Stanford Research Institute test lent some credibility to the existence of psychics. “The Institute recently tested…
Photo Credit: ARCHIVE PHOTO - This 1964 Clackamas County News ad suggested advertising in the paper because 'The newspaper is there all day and far into the night. It is there for the whole family to read. And they do! It is there to be read at the time and under the circumstances when the reader asks to be informed. The housewife can tear out the ads and take them shopping with her. And she does!'
November 18, 2014

Yesterday's Headlines

by Isabel Gautschi
1984: Mayor John Rowley wins reelection by two votes 1964 Sens. Wayne Morse and Maureen B. Neuberger sent a telegraph to the Clackamas County News informing the paper that four new job corps…
Photo Credit: ARCHIVE PHOTO - On Nov. 2, 1984, a mud-bathed Estacada teammate helps Cory Perkins off the field after a minor foot injury. The Rangers had an 8-0 homecoming loss to Yamhill-Carlton.
November 10, 2014

Yesterday's Headlines

by Isabel Gautschi
1984: City bans man from bathrooms 1984 City Manager Duane Robinson claimed Douglas Petrie, a local homeless man, was distressing city staff by stinking up the restrooms in City Hall and…
November 05, 2014

Editorial: Estacada's indentity

by (none)
It's high time this community figured it out We're relieved that Estacada Mayor Brent Dodrill is making a strong push to revive the discussion of Estacada's "identity." It was in August 2013…
Photo Credit: ARCHIVE PHOTO - Meet Estacada High School's 1974 homecoming court: Queen Janet Akins and princesses Carla Bigej, Kim Lippincott, Sherry Hackenrott and Jodi Sudden.
November 04, 2014

Yesterday's Headlines

by Isabel Gautschi
1994: During anti-gay legislation, paper profiles homosexual man 1964 Steve Ralston came face to face with a bobcat while hunting in Ladee Flats. Ralston shot it twice before it went down. The…
October 30, 2014

Letters to the editor

by Estacada News
Vote for the gas tax I have been doing some traveling lately. It’s always interesting and insightful to get away from familiar surroundings. My travels took me to India for two weeks and I…
Dave Wenzel
October 29, 2014

A common occurrence: Life in the blender

by Dave Wenzel
Hollis and I parent what is known as a “blended” family. Blended in the sense that both of us were widowed, we met and married. I brought four kids in, she brought two (something she…
Photo Credit: ARCHIVE PHOTO - Sen. Mark Hatfield addresses Estacada citizens in October 1984.
October 27, 2014

Yesterday's Headlines

by Isabel Gautschi
1984: Sen. Hatfield rests his hat on timber bills 1974 The Oregon Supreme Court ruled that a police officer could search an arrested person without a warrant. The case in question was that of…
October 24, 2014

My View: Susie Tracy

by Estacada News
Seize opportunity to learn about mental illness Mental and emotional well-being is essential to overall health and allows people to realize their full potential, cope with the stresses of life,…
Photo Credit: ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 1984, the Leatham Dance Co. was getting ready to present a variety show for charity. Audience members paid admission with a can of food for the Estacada Family Resources Center. From left: Elaine Leatham, Jerry Toole and Victoria Orchard of the Leatham Dance Co. strike a pose to promote the show.
October 20, 2014

Yesterday's Headlines

by Isabel Gautschi
1974: Paper frets over Americans' wasteful habits 1964 Estacada has been daydreaming about a pool for half a century. Prominent Estacada citizens met at Duane Day’s home to discuss the…

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Photo Credit: ARCHIVE PHOTO - In this 1984 photo Estacada Mayor John Rowley and City Manager Duane Robinson admire a welcome sign that had been recently restored by the Timber Lake Job Corps. The two-sided sign came from Clackamas and had been repainted three times, but to city employee Ed Larson's knowledge had never been used anywhere as a sign. The sign was in safekeeping of the city. Plans were made to put it up on city property near the Estacada Industrial Park off Highway 224 as soon as the site was prepared and city crews were available for the job.
Oct 14, 2014

Yesterday's Headlines

by Isabel Gautschi
1984: School Board bans showing R-rated movies in classrooms 1974 The paper explained the origins of Fire Prevention Week. On Oct. 8, 1871, Mrs. O’Leary’s stable in Chicago was accidentally set…
Photo Credit: ARCHIVE PHOTO - It was 1974 when Carrell Bennett, manager of the Estacada branch of the First State Bank of Oregon accepted 12,340 pennies from Estacada Junior High School Principal David Stockner and students Benjie Ballou and Pat Blair.
Oct 07, 2014

Yesterday's Headlines

by Estacada News
1994: Car thief takes off as deputy clings to stolen pickup 1964 As timber exports to Japan soared, Oregon sawmill and plywood firms banded together to form the Save Our Logs Committee in an…

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