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FILE PHOTO - In 1987, a truck overturned on Highway 224 after driver Harold Markham lost control when bugs flew into his eyes. Markham was uninjured.
May 18, 2017

2016: Estacada fourth-grader triumphs in contest

by Emily Lindstrand
In 1987, a truck overturned on Highway 224 after the driver lost control when bugs flew into his eyes.
Dave Wenzel
May 12, 2017

'Parenting is not for the squeamish'

by Dave Wenzel
My challenge to you is to not get caught up in a parenting style that is driven by sensationalized media reports that cause you to believe things are more dangerous than they are.
ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 1997, the Springwater Presbyterian Church recieved a new roof. The construction was funded by a grant from the Presbyterian Church USA.
May 11, 2017

1977: Estacada High School students sell house for $50,000

by Emily Lindstrand
Twenty years later, the Springwater Presbyterian Church recieved a new roof

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Jane Reid and her sons Will and Matt Warkentin are pictured during 1987.
May 09, 2017

Hey, mom, happy Mother's Day!

by Emily Lindstrand
Mothers around town share the wisdom they're acquired over the years
Michael Stoops
May 04, 2017

My View: Remembering Michael Stoops

by Rev. Chuck Currie
Michael helped found the National Coalition for the Homeless in Washington, D.C., in 1980 and joined the staff in 1989. Before moving to D.C., he was the chairman of Burnside Community Council…
ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 1997, News Publisher Bill James presented  Kyle and Garrett Gilstad with $20 each as a reward for returning a large sum of money they found at the Estacada Market.
May 04, 2017

1967: Scholarship Commission honors Estacada students

by Emily Lindstrand
Thirty years later, local children were rewarded for their honesty
May 03, 2017

Immunizations have no bearing on medical neglect

by Susan Jorg
During the past year, Attorney Bob Snee was hired by a young couple in Portland to get their newborn infant returned to them after the state took custody. The parents had refused eye ointment,…
ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 1977,  Debbie Copher was named Estacada high School valedictorian, and Mollie Shibley was salutatorian.
April 27, 2017

1997: Chamber hosts the circus

by Emily Lindstrand
Two decades earlier, Debbie Copher and Mollie Shibley were honored for their academic achievements
ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 1987, these five Estacada High School students won awards at the annual Clackamas Community College skills contest.
April 20, 2017

1977: Newspaper discusses Estacada historical fact, folklore

by Emily Lindstrand
Ten years later, Estacada students found success at the Clackamas community College skills contest
ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 1977, Members of the Springwater Pony Pleasure Driving Club spent an afternoon in Milo McIver State Park. Pictured here is club member Dee Blattner.
April 13, 2017

1967: Education Association hosts game night

by Emily Lindstrand
Prior to that, the Springwater Pony Pleasure Driving Club met at Milo McIver park

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FILE PHOTO - Dave Wenzel
Apr 11, 2017

Data doesn't support raising kids in culture of fear

by Dave Wenzel
The overall protective environment we have created for our kids impacts their sense of trying new things.
Rep. Carla Piluso
Apr 06, 2017

Stable housing is a public safety issue

by Rep. Carla Piluso and Rep. Chris Gorsek
As chief co-sponsors of HB 2004 and former law enforcement officers, we are fighting for safe and stable housing for an additional reason: it is critical for the safety and well-being of…
Apr 06, 2017

Raise age to buy, use tobacco to 21

by Pamplin Media Group
Analysts expect the number of adult smokers in Oregon to drop if we make it harder for teens to legally buy a pack of cigarettes.
Apr 06, 2017

Access to medicine outweighs the risks

by Pamplin Media Group
The cost of not passing HR2128 means thousands of visits to doctors, translating to significant costs for Oregonians. This means scheduling a visit with a doctor and taking time off to get a…
ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 1987, a little dog met a big dog while walking down Zobrist Street.
Apr 06, 2017

1977: Male beauty pageant considered

by Emily Lindstrand
A decade later, a little dog faced down a larger one on Zobrist Street
FILE PHOTO - A teen smoker.
Apr 04, 2017

Raise age to buy, use tobacco to 21

by Pamplin Media Group
Deaths from tobacco use are the No. 1 preventable cause of death in Oregon, according to the state Public Health Division, and most people start smoking before they turn 20.
Apr 04, 2017

State needs to keep fingers off our money

by Pamplin Media Group
Letter writer Carlton Bruce of Sandy says the state government has plenty of money, it's just over spending.
FILE PHOTO - Sean Gregg, 5, of Eagle Creek, was excited to learn about fish at Eagle Creek School in 1987.
Mar 30, 2017

1967: 'Namu' makes a splash at Broadway Theater

by Emily Lindstrand
Two decades later, Eagle Creek students were excited about fish