Local community members share events, projects that they're looking forward to in the new year

FILE PHOTO - Estacada resident Dyan Kirkpatrick is looking forward to meeting new people through bible journaling in 2018.

With a new year just around the corner, many Estacada community members are looking forward to what the next 12 months will bring. Whether it's an update to a local city plan or a trip to a different country, folks around town have many adventures and projects coming up in 2018 that they're excited about.

Nolene Triska, a member of Artback Artists Cooperative, is looking forward to the group's mural project on the new Dollar General building. The project will be called "Celebration of Summer."

"This will be one of the largest paintings we've rendered and, as lead artist for 2018, I've been eagerly anticipating it for quite a while," Triska said. "It's always exciting to design a new mural and see it brought to life by the talented, professional group of creative people I'm privileged to work with."

Jennifer Goldman of Philip Foster Farm National Historic Site said, "the farm has a lot to be excited for in 2018."

"We have two new events," she continued. "Our opening day is expanding with more cooking demos and food tasting plus local historians. In August we have a brand new event devoted to historic farm equipment and techniques with lots of things for people to try."

Leaders at Philip Foster Farm also hope to have the Lucy House, historic home of Philip Foster's daughter, ready to debut by the end of the year.

At Out to Pasture Animal Sanctuary, Kit Collins said she hopes 2018 brings "happy, sunny days with our animals, friends and volunteers."

"We are looking forward to taking in new animals and meeting new people," she added. "We plan to start rainwater collection and do some storage. And get our old tractor repaired so it goes both directions and not just to the left."

The 2018 project Estacada Public Library Director Michele Kinnamon is most excited about is the library's new parking lot.

"Library users have wanted more parking ever since the library opened in 2006," Kinnamon said. "We're getting ready to open for bids to find a company that can get this thing done. It will be worth the wait."

At City Hall, employees are particularly anticipating several different projects in the coming year.

City Manager Denise Carey said she's most excited about upcoming improvements to Shafford Street, which the city received a grant to complete.

"The project is to improve four blocks of Shafford with curb-to-curb paving and new curbs and sidewalks on both sides of the street. Then we hope to do the remaining four blocks in a couple of years," she said.

Melanie Wagner, assistant to the city manager, is looking forward to completing the update to the city's parks master plan.

"It will have a concept design for the waterfront area, and it will help us to prioritize our next parks projects around town," she said. "Ideally, we will be able to implement some of the recommendations in the near future which is really exciting."

Economic Development Manager Matt Lorenzen said there were two projects he's particularly excited for in the coming year.

"If all goes as planned, we will see two businesses prospering in a rehabilitated Motorsports building, which will be made possible through a public-private partnership and joint investment between a local investor and the Urban Renewal Agency," he said. "Second, we just applied for a grant that, if funded, will allow us to provide more data, services, workshops, and events aimed at growing local Estacada entrepreneurship. We won't know if we've been funded until early 2018, but we're optimistic."

Michele Jones of Reliance Connects said the company is looking forward to bringing Fiber up Coupland Road to Funny Farm Lane and "a new TV product" that they will soon offer.

Jones added that she's also excited to visit New Zealand in March.

"We hope to tour some of the places where they filmed Lord of the Rings, do a wine tour on bicycles and try our luck at fly fishing. I've never fly fished before but I am looking forward to the challenge," she said. FILE PHOTO - Local artist Nolene Triska is looking forward to painting the mural 'Celebration of Summer' with members of the Artback next summer.

Dyan Kirkpatrick, who hosts Bible journaling classes from her Estacada home, said "in 2018 I'm most excited about making new friends through Bible Journaling and learning new ways to express my faith through my art."

Gloria Polzin, arts commission member and the force behind Estacada's Lucky Dawg World website, is eager to experience all of the adventures that 2018 will bring.

"I'm looking forward, as I do each new year, to having even more fun than last year. It's a pretty good way to go about the world," she said. "And I'm living a charmed life."

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