Save Gladstone’s leaders and their active supporters have planted and cultivated the seeds of doubt, mistrust and suspicion throughout our community. They have divided our citizenry every conceivable way—economically, culturally and politically.

Libraries are one of the significant carriers of a culture. Twice Save Gladstone has defeated our means to enrich our community through enlarged and modernized library facilities. Rather than encourage our citizens to crew on the Gladstone city govenment ship-of-state Save Gladstone encourages folks to climb aboard the iceberg with them.

Support “Save Gladstone?” We need to keep ever present in our minds that 9/10s the harm an iceberg is capable of is hidden below the surface. Question Save Gladstone—what’s next?

D. Kent Lloyd


Appalled by criticism

It is amazing how Save Gladstone supporters look down upon citizens who support the library.

They have no idea that in underlying tones they are calling those who spent months on the planning committee stupid or incapable to make any kind of decisions or recommendations to the City Council. The very people you call stupid and inept came from Oak Lodge and Gladstone. These communities collaborated to create a library to serve both areas. They took months to decide on a budget, how much to spend? How much will construction cost over time? What a slap in the face to dedicated citizens who asked tough questions concerning responsible spending!

Several citizens of both Gladstone and Oak Lodge sacrificed time to discuss how to allocate money budgeted for the library. How much would be allocated for the state of Oregon requirements for photovoltaic? How many trees would be saved in the building process? How much square footage should be used in the community room for the summer reading programs? How can we make book drop off convenient for patrons? We sacrificed time with our families, helping with homework, bedtime, and often meal time in order to meet with 20 or more people. We all sacrificed something for our community because we want to make it a beautiful place to live in now and in the future.

We are not fanatics. We are not inept. We love our community and the families who make Gladstone a great place to live. If people aren’t happy with local citizens serving on planning and budget committees, then perhaps the very people who are complaining about irresponsibility in our city government system ought to spend some time sacrificing to make their community a better place by serving on committees.

Katie Lewis


Thank you

I would like to thank the citizens of Gladstone for their support and vote.

As a city councilman, I look forward to working with everyone and will listen to all input before making a decision as I put the city first. We have many important decisions to make regarding the City Hall, the police station, sewers and the library, which I look forward to working with you all on.

Thank you again for trusting me to be on the City Council.

Neal Reisner

Gladstone councilor-elect

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