Saints be praised, Batman. I see we can expect yet another assault from the “Any Growth is Good Growth” gang that seems hell-bent on turning Oregon City into another faceless retail wasteland like Gresham, Beaverton, Tualatin, Wilsonville and countless others (“Cabela’s proposal returns to Oregon City landfill,” Oct. 31).

Cabela’s is a great company, but I’m more than happy to order online and wait a few days. Oregon City does not need Cabela’s or WalMart.

I’d much rather see this land used for some high tech or light manufacturing of some sort that would provide real, living-wage jobs, while not destroying Oregon City’s history and livability.

Dennis Gallagher

Oregon City

City needs to explain

To contradict the city’s propaganda, look no further than Gladstone’s 2010 and 2011 Library Progress Reports sent to the Oregon Library Association. Each progress report posed nine questions about library efficiency, services, circulation, maintenance repairs and facility needs.

The answer is yes to eight out of nine questions, which gives our current library a good rating of 89 percent. Question nine reads, “Does the library have a written long range strategic plan that addresses facility needs?” Answer, no. The ninth answer is false! It should be a yes which gives the existing Gladstone library a score of 100 percent. The city admits to spending $1.2 million so far toward a “new library,” including architects, design plans, building contractor, eight-page misinformation brochure, opposing two citizen initiative measures in May, and backing a competing measure in November—if that isn’t a permanent long range plan to address library facility needs, tell me what is?

Can promoters talk about a “new library” and tell the truth at the same time?

Some things you can believe. There is nothing wrong with the existing Gladstone library. The building is suitable for remodeling. Any fifth grader can read the handicap access sticker on the front door. Parking is available on the vacant lot on the southwest corner of Dartmouth and Portland Avenue. Gladstone’s plan to steal Oak Grove’s library and take their property tax money is unethical, un-neighborly, and politically and economically unsustainable. Oak Grove’s unincorporated taxpayers have rights too. Don’t forget, Happy Valley remodeled their library to state-of-the-art for $3 million at $164 per square foot.

If Happy Valley can do it at competitive cost, so can Gladstone! There is no way Gladstone can reasonably expect voters to support a $525-per-square-foot library in a $164 world.

The Gladstone City Council has a lot of explaining to do.

Don’t let authority figures do your thinking for you.

Rose Johnson


Election fraud serious

We are taking the situation in Clackamas County very seriously. It is extremely troubling that they have a county election employee accused of ballot fraud.

Following the report of ballot fraud, I personally spoke with the attorney general to emphasize the seriousness of the offense and my desire to see that this case is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

While it is Clackamas County’s job to run the elections, it is my responsibility to ensure the integrity, transparency and accountability of the election. I have assigned an elections monitor to oversee ballot processing. This includes a review of every one of the ballots the accused had access to.

We will be keeping a close eye on the county in how it is conducting the election and commit to sharing information with the public as we are legally able to share it.

Kate Brown

Oregon Secretary of State

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