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On Sunday, "Two Tales of a Town" will premiere at a well-known Oregon City watering hole.

Two newly released documentaries, "Racial Integration of the Waterbury Manor Neighborhood" and "The Robeson Concert & Riots of 1949" will show Nov. 18 starting at 7 p.m. with Director Eileen Newman attending at the 505 Tavern, 505 Main St., Oregon City.

Newman started working on the documentary in January to relate what happened in her hometown when several black families moved into the previously all-white, middle-class neighborhood of Waterbury Manor. A “mass exodus” of white families followed, and neighborhood demographics transformed into nearly equal numbers of black families and white families within a short time.

“In some ways, Waterbury Manor was a harsh reflection of the times--when skin color determined who lived in which neighborhood,” Newman told the Clackamas Review for a feature story in March. “In other ways, it was a success story. Waterbury Manor became a thriving, integrated middle-class community, which it remains today.”

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