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When children have been abused or neglected, a key step in their healing is therapeutic treatment.

At Children's Center, we offer a program to children who have been assessed in our clinic that uses an evidence-based therapy model, Trauma Focused — Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT).

For example, Annie and her safe caregivers came to our clinic for assessment and were then referred to our therapy program. As part of her weekly 1-hour sessions, she built a strong therapeutic relationship with her TF-CBT Nationally Certified Therapist.

With her therapist's guidance, Annie and her family created a safe place where Annie could learn skills and techniques to help her manage her overwhelming emotions and trauma symptoms in a healthy way.

They also learned strategies to communicate with one another more effectively both inside and outside of therapy sessions.

Today, at 15-years old, Annie is flourishing; a happy, healthy teen who loves school, baking cookies, and playing one-on-one basketball with her dad and younger siblings.

"Annie has worked so hard," her therapist says, "and while she may still need additional therapeutic support on occasion, she is well on her way to a future that will be positive and productive."

(Image is Clickable Link) Childen's CenterChildren's Center is a Child Advocacy Center providing prevention training to the community as well as assessment and treatment when there is suspicion of child abuse or neglect.

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