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Manufactured by Global Environmental, this street sweeper will run an entire shift on a single charge and works just as well as a comparable diesel sweeper. In many ways the electric sweeper is better than diesel, in that it is quieter, has less maintenance, and goes up hills better than diesel sweepers.

"The City of Eugene has taken the next step towards a sustainable future with its first piece of all-electric heavy machinery," the city said in a statement. "This battery-operated, zero-emissions 'broom' will reduce the City's greenhouse gas impact and is another step towards reaching the City's Climate Recovery Ordinance goals."

"We're excited to put this new street sweeper into the fleet," said Eric Johnson, Public Works Maintenance Operations Manager. "Not only will it continue to ensure clean water returns to our rivers by picking up toxic pollutants before they go into our storm drains, but this electric sweeper also runs on clean electric energy supplied by our partners at the Eugene Water & Electric Board, which will significantly reduce our greenhouse gas impact."

According to Johnson. the sweeper "will contribute to a cleaner environment by reducing carbon dioxide by 115 tons, per a typical sweeper's lifetime-around seven years."

"In considering the purchase, our staff determined there were several other benefits to purchasing an electric sweeper, including the fact that it is powered by a renewable resource, and it's quieter, which is better for the operator and enhances downtown and riverfront livability by minimizing noise disturbance and noise pollution."

The city can also generate income by utilizing carbon credits, and the sweeper contributes towards the City's Climate Action Goals.

Eugene's Public Works Department previously used 7 diesel-powered street sweepers to sweep more than 40,000 curb miles of streets each year.

Johnson continued, "When one of the diesel sweepers requires repairs, it may be out-of-commission because of emission system malfunctions. This downtime can range from one day to a month depending on the issue and need to receive the new parts. The all-electric sweeper is expected to have a substantially smaller repair time."

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