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MAX MUSCLE - Larry WilcoxA common piece of nutrition wisdom is to make sure your diet has plenty of antioxidants—but what are they, and why are they so important? When oxygen interacts with the cells in your body, the oxidation process occurs. You can see this process happen in real time with a piece of cut fruit, such as when an apple slice browns in the air.

Oxidation is a normal part of cellular function, which helps your body dispose of old cells and regenerate new ones. But during this process, one to two percent of your cells may become damaged and turn into "free radicals". Free radicals attack other cells in your body to retrieve missing molecules, which starts a chain of adverse chemical reactions. The cell's DNA could mutate and reproduce abnormally. The cell could stop functioning, or die!

Your body has naturally present antioxidants that keep free radicals under control. But you may be exposed to external toxins, like cigarette smoke and air pollution, which are "free radical generators." Alcohol also triggers free radical production, and your food and water may harbor free radicals in the form of pesticides or other toxins.

When you eat fruits and vegetables every day, you are compensating for the effects of environmental toxins. If you don't have time to prepare those vegetables, try Max Greens Plus with Larry's famous "cocktail", which has 6-7 servings of fruits and vegetables in one 5-ounce serving. Call Max Muscle at 503-655-2311 today!

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