the editor: All of us who are privileged to enjoy life here in bucolic Crook County owe a debt of gratitude to our county commissioners, to Diane Bohle (Executive Director of our Chamber of Commerce), to the members of the ad hoc committee which diligently and objectively studied the intended move of the Ochoco National Forest Office from Prineville to either Bend or Redmond, and finally to our senators and representatives in Congress who instigated the formation of the ad hoc committee. The battle to keep the Ochoco National Forest office in Prineville (where it obviously should be) has not been won and, in finality, it may not be won, but at least we have been heard all the way to the President’s cabinet, if not by the President himself. That represents a vivid demonstration of the “power of the people” as they rose up and made themselves heard over the unilateral voice of the Supervisor of the Deschutes National Forest. She apparently was quite willing to tread upon little Prineville, a town which has suffered more than its fair share of hardship primarily as a result of radical environmentalists who yet do not seem to possess the prescience to realize that “trees are our country’s most renewable resources.” Now that President Clinton and his spineless puppets, Babbit and Dumbeck, are gone, it is pleasant to note that the voices of “the people” are being heard, as our system intended. We can thank our congressional delegation for that and Judge Cooper should be thanked also for he “took the bull by the horns” and jumped on the proposed injustice like a hungry coyote on a rabbit! So, friends and neighbors, let’s all be part of the solution by politely writing or calling our senators and representatives and expressing our individual rage with the irrational, unilateral proposal of the Deschutes National Forest Supervisor. If nothing else, perhaps Ms. Weldon will learn that common courtesy and human decency require that public servants lower themselves to speak to the peons they are about to denigrate through scandalous decisions. Also, we should feel free to write Ann Venneman and Dale Bosworth, the Secretary of Agricultural and Forest Service Chief respectively, both intelligent public servants, and let them know what we’re thinking —- I believe they will listen to our concerns. “Mac” McFarland (ret) Prineville
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