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Racking up more than 300 rushing yards, Barlow High School senior Zack Richmond left it all out on the field at the school's Oct. 13 homecoming game against the David Douglas High School Scots.

But wait, Zack isn't even on the football team.

In fact, he accumulated his 300 yards during halftime, and all he left out on the field were his clothes.

'I just did it for fun,' Richmond said, referring to his halftime streaking. 'Well, I just thought (Barlow's) senior class was boring.'

The naked truth

Richmond says it all began nearly nine months before 'the streak,' in January. Richmond estimates he made 10 trips to the Mt. Hood Community College football field, where he would run splits for time to determine the most logical and efficient 'streak trajectory.'

'I averaged about 1:10 (minutes) for the football field, plus the road into the woods,' he said. He added that his final streak time was only 50 seconds, a significant reduction from his earlier average, which he attributes to the adrenaline.

He spent the early quarters of the game quietly positioned within Barlow's very own 'superfan' section in the stands, awaiting the moment of truth. He says that as halftime neared, he and an anonymous accomplice made their way through the crowd toward the restrooms, where he changed out of his superfan disguise and into his removable clothing.

Following the outfit swap, he meandered toward the track as his partner worked his way through the parking lot to a get-away vehicle.

As the accomplice drove to the designated pick-up zone on the forested access road, Richmond waited near the 20-yard line on Barlow's side.

'Standing there waiting to run,' Richmond said, 'my heart rate was insane.'

But then, in a moment of pure commitment, he took his first step. Ripping off his clothing mid-stride, he began his traverse of the field; dodging coaches and David Douglas players, he proceeded on his naked escapade.

Cracking the case

In an effort to get to the bottom of the streaking incident, an inquiry was launched. Witnesses were interviewed and an attempt was made to locate the streaker in pre-streak photographs, ultimately rendering no positive identification.

Over the course of the days following the incident, two suspects were identified. On Oct. 24, Richmond admitted to streaking and was given a week of off-campus suspension.

'I'm very happy and proud to have done it,' Richmond said. 'But I'm sorry to the people I may have hurt or offended.'

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