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We all know about the importance of healthy eating as we age. Yet, our minds are equally important to our health and well-being. Living alone can be a challenge to stay active and mentally fit.

According to the CDC, well-being is associated with self-perceived health, social connectedness, and longevity. Laughing, interacting with others, and daily enjoyment all foster a feeling of fulfillment and happiness which improves quality of life. Good living conditions are fundamental to well-being.

Prestige Care Beaverton Hills is more than just a place to hang your hat. We are a community and your well-being matters to us.

  • Mind Masters Cognitive Stimulation Program is a component of our Celebrations Wellness Program. Continuous learning and exercising the brain through games and puzzles that focus on memory, reasoning and strategy improve brain function. The purpose of these activities is to maintain or improve memory, reaction time, and cognitive ability. Our wellness coaches are Certified Cognitive Stimulation Instructors who are specially trained to deliver our programming.
  • Life Enrichment Directors play a critical role in our community-they are responsible for developing and coordinating daily, weekly, and monthly activities designed to enrich the lives of residents. They assess and customize programming based on each resident's likes or dislikes. Life enrichment activities may include exercise classes, educational events, outings, games, concerts, sporting events, cooking demonstrations, and a variety of other happenings in the greater community.
  • Take a tour of Prestige Care Beaverton Hills today. It's time to start making YOU a priority, not only your health, but your heart and mind, too.

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