Suteki Harmony house on the Street of Dreams in Hillsboro, a four-bedroom, five-bath home listed at $2,050,000.

PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: VANCE W. TONG - The Suteki Groups contribution to the 2018 NW Natural Street of Dreams was the Suteki Harmony, a two-story home features four bedrooms and five bathrooms.Toshiaka Chiba is General Manager of Suteki America. The company's name, Suteki, is the Japanese word for natural and comfortable. The Street of Dreams, Chiba says, is a good place to display Suteki's distinct vision for a new style of suburban living.

"We plan to provide strong, sustainable, smart and healthy residential homes in the Portland area. We think the Street of Dreams is the best event to introduce our philosophy and concept to the local people."

The company won Best in Show at last year's Street of Dreams for the home they built in Happy Valley, designed by famed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. The home, which has served as a showroom until now, recently went up for sale, says Berkshire Hathaway real estate agent Marie Boatsman.

This year, the company will present Suteki Harmony house on the Street of Dreams in Hillsboro.

Boatsman is the listing agent for Harmony House, located on Hillsboro's Reserve Golf Course. The four-bedroom, five-bath home is listed at $2,050,000 on the regional multiple listing service, or RMLS.

The biggest difference between the two homes is location, Chiba explained.

"We can borrow beautiful scenery ("shakkei" in Japanese) from the Reserve golf course. Last year's Suteki house was kind of art. This year, we built a more practical house."

The exterior design of Harmony House is done in the "transition style," Chiba added, "which is between contemporary and traditional style. It's very popular in Japan."

Like the Suteki house, Harmony Home supports the wellness of its inhabitants, fostering a connection to nature. It features many cross-cultural references that link Oregon and Japan and blends the best of the Pacific Northwest and Japanese design to create residential sanctuaries.

"We used a lot of windows to connect inside and out, and you can feel nature most on the sunset deck and in the bonus room," said Chiba.

PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: VANCE W. TONG - Suteki Harmony is built to meet Japan's earthquake standards, which are twice as rigorous as Oregon's.The house has two waving walls made of wood that add light, dimension and warmth. One is made of Japanese cedar from the Suteki farms; the other is made of wood sourced in Oregon. Panoramic views overlook the Reserve Golf Course to the west, and the second-floor deck offers views offers sunset views on the green.

The house features double sheer walls and closer nail spacing, and is built to meet Japanese earthquake standards, which are twice as rigorous as Oregon's.

Continuing to share their vision of a new kind of suburban living, Suteki plans to expand its projects in Hillsboro, says Boatsman. To that end, the company recently purchased five lots directly across from Harmony Home at the Reserve Golf Course for future projects.

The South Hillsboro development, 20 years in the making, will be the largest-ever master-planned community in Oregon. When completed, it's expected to accommodate some 8,000 housing units with room for 20,000 residents.

PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: VANCE W. TONG - Suteki Harmony is listed at $2,050,000.The Yokohama, Japan-based home building company Suteki has offices worldwide, and in Tigard, Oregon. Company CEO Koichiro Hirata has deep connections to Oregon's lumber industry, one reason Suteki chose Oregon as a place to establish their vision of modern suburban living. In 2017, Hirata was inducted into the Leadership Hall at the Oregon Forestry Center, taking a spot among a roster of Oregon's most powerful and prominent lumber barons.

Suteki's parent company is Nice Corporation, Japan's largest lumber distributor. It owns seven forests in Japan, and is committed to sustainable building practices so that these forests endure for future generations and no tree goes to waste. The company is on the forefront of using cross-laminated timber in construction, a practice that will change the way buildings are built in the future.


2018 NW Natural Street of Dreams

When: July 25-Aug. 26, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily,

Where: 4027 S.W. 229th, Hillsboro

How much: $20

Phone: 503-684-1880


Initiated in 1975 by the Home Builders Association of Metro Portland, the Street of Dreams has called several communities home. This year's NW Natural Street of Dreams, named The Vendage at The Reserve, is situated near the The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club and features six new homes in South Hillsboro. It will launch what will become the largest master planned community in Oregon and has been about 20 years in the making. When completed, it will house up to 20,000 residents in three developments with amenities such as walking and bike trails and nature preserves.

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