Massive cruise ship will be in dry dock at Vigor Industrial on Swan Island for two weeks for $45 million makeover.

PHOTOS: CRAIG ALNESS/VIGOR. - Carnival Cruise Line Legend is relieved of its lifeboats before entering dry dock at Vigor Industrial on Swan Island

As long as three football fields, the Carnival Cruise ship Legend arrived in Portland to dry dock at the Vigor Industrial Shipyard for repairs.

The ship arrived – just squeaking by under the St. Johns Bridge - with a crew of 1,200 who will work alongside painters and mechanics from Vigor, installing new carpets and tile and adding new restaurants. The $45 million will be completed in just 12 days in Portland. Refitting work includes installing the popular Guy's Burger Joint, a Guy Fieri all-you-can-eatery.

The Legend made its way from Vancouver B.C. to Portland arriving at the mouth of the Willamette around 5 p.m. Wednesday.

PHOTOS: CRAIG ALNESS/VIGOR - The Carnival Legend will be in dry dock in Portland for two weeks.

Senior Project manager Mike Nutter told the Business Tribune that the schedule is extremely tight, and that the task was like remodelling a hotel in under a fortnight.

First its lifeboats were removed, then tugs pushed it into Vigor's huge drydock the Vigorous. The dry dock is a long metal box that can float or be sunk in the river. When the ship has sailed into it, the box is raised and the water expelled. The ship sits upright while power is hooked up and maintenance work proceeds around the clock. Getting fully dry docked takes about eight hours.

PHOTOS: CRAIG ALNESS/VIGOR. - The Carnival Legend passes under the St. Johns Bridge Wednesday afternoon May 2, 2018.

Vigor Industrial calls its 60-acre Swan Island shipyard "is one of the largest and most capable shipyards on the West Coast" and its dry dock the biggest on the west coast.

PHOTOS: CRAIG ALNESS/VIGOR. - Carnival Cruise Line Legend backs into the dry dock at Vigor Industrial on Swan Island

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Reporter, The Business Tribune
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