Charging forward with EVs

Portland's Chargeway is trying to make charging your electric vehicle much, much easier

Inclusive company culture is an imperative

If you hope to influence the trajectory of your organization, you need to question and challenge existing structures of power.

TechTonic: Technology for 2019

From 5G to e-ink, high tech is flying higher than ever, but some of it is to hard to track

Make 2019 a year of civic engagement

Portland offers a wider range of opportunities for community involvement during the coming year.

Re-imaginations and Reclamations

The year's best architecture brought new ideas to existing places and spaces

New Year, renewed commitment to community

It's time for the Portland Business Alliance to create a new strategic plan that embraces our core mission and values

Submitting to Google, one cell tower at a time

I ditched Verizon Wireless for Google Fi. You won't believe what happened next...

December focus: transportation partnerships for better…

Metro seeking applications for public-private projects that test new transportation services

Combating climate change, comfortably

Tillamook Row is not just multifamily housing with free electricity - it's a way forward

Collaborative approach needed to solve homeless crisis

As we take on chronic homelessness, it's clear that commitment, collaboration and resources come together to produce results.

Letting In The Light

Portland's future is as a taller, denser city with buildings which makes little early-20th-century storefront architecture like this a dwindling…

Wonderland in downtown Portland

More than of 35 new retailers and restaurants opened this year, creating even more opportunities to feast, play and shop downtown.

Collaboration leads to water savings

WIFIA funding will save ratepayers about $383 million in borrowing costs for the new water system.

Infrastructure: the backbone of this country

The construction industry will be at the forefront of efforts to capitalize on emerging consensus and get real legislation passed.

Let's support our community colleges

With elections over, it's time to focus on giving the state's ommunity colleges the financial support they deserve.

TechTonic: A hardware hoarder comes clean

Scrapping ancient cables and useless gadgets feels good, they should have gone long ago.

Moving Portland's central city forward

Cities across the continent - including Seattle, Denver, Toronto, and Austin - are moving quickly to modernize their transportation systems. Whither…

On the ballot this November? Portland's affordability

Four measures that that the Portland Business Alliance feels will affect how Portlanders live and work

Foodcarts and development: A movable feast

The loss of a popular food cart pod is only a next chapter for these culinary nomads.

Zones of opportunity

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 established a new federal tax incentive to encourage long-term, private-sector investments in certain low-income…

Sharing is caring smileyface exclamation point

Voot allows friends to make a group purchase but to split a bill in advance so nobody's feelings get hurt

(Open) space is the place

The design of Field Office - both on the interior and exterior - makes going to work a walk in the park

Addressing the labor shortage together

There is not always a high-paying job waiting for every person with an undergraduate degree.

Jupiter Hotel: Coarse Jewel

The hotel's expansion is like modern Portland: ambitious and shiny, yet trying to retain its Old Portland grit.

Worksystems: Helping young adults find work

At the last Board meeting for Westside Economic Alliance, they focused on closing the skills gap

Mayor Wheeler on Portland's future: 'A city that works for…

Opinion: As we tackle these incredibly complex issues as a community, I am heartened by the progress we have made, the honest evaluation of our…

Growing together in East Metro

Tremendous growth in the East Metro region with many, especially those searching for detached single-family homes, are moving to the cities of East…

Keep the jobs pipeline local for water supply

On the Westside, those who manage our water are thinking and planning ahead to secure a new source for our water supply

We must invest in public safety

Our city leaders have the opportunity to set a positive precedent when considering the bureau's budget request

Architecture comes to 82nd Avenue

Lever Architecture's Flex enlivens the land of strip malls by transforming a utilitarian building type

Are you ready for business?

Contractors looking to do work for the government need to get their ducks in a row - and there's help for that.

Be here now goggles

Will everyone be wearing virtual reality goggles in the future? Yes, once they find their feet.

Economic gains lead to growing pains for Portland

Traffic, homelessness and affordability are the top of mind challenges as the region's properity inches upwards.

Height and view Corridors: A simple plan

Increased central-city height is inevitable, so let's make sure it's in the right places

Coming together in the contact sport of politics

Everyone wins when the interested parties can put aside differences and work toward a goal that benefits everyone

Good citizens make great architects

For his timeless style and sensitivity to users, Bob Frasca was perhaps the ultimate civic architect we've ever had.

DOWN TO BUSINESS: Finding government contracting…

Each entity explains on their procurement web page how to register with their bidding system, and the majority of formal procurements are advertised…

Need a website? Bene!

ThinkShout's new offering for nonprofits, called Bene, includes champagne bells and whistles on a beer budget

No envy for NV

The new Pearl District structure is a rare miss for Portland's biggest architecture firm

Your voice in regional transportation planning

Opinion: Here in the Portland metropolitan region, we have a Regional Transportation Plan, and it's a big deal in the transportation world.

The art of architecture

With its wildly colorful artist-painted exterior, the Fair-Haired Dumbbell gives Portland a reason to smile

Gun control: Is now the time for the conversation?

Opinion: Jim Mark is CEO of Melvin Mark Companies and is chair of the Portland Business Alliance board of directors.

Rolling along with WEA

Opinion: Westside Economic Alliance's Economic Development Bike Tour cycles through Wilsonville

21 and over for smokes

New laws affect Oregon tobacco retailers as state increases smoking age from 18 to 21.

Let there be light

The Karl Miller Center - especially its massive atrium - gives PSU a sense of place

Saving for college is a must

Grandparents and parents should read the fine print of college savings plans.

Change is here for Federal tax laws

Opinion: Time to prepare for coming changes Federal business audit procedures

Bracing ourselves

From bridges to buildings, Portland needs more investments and incentives. What if the Burnside Bridge went down?

Traffic causing headaches for everyone

The answer? A little bit of everything as multi modal transportation gains ground.

Metal Toad respawns in Los Angeles

Portland firm expands southward to keep in with entertainment clients, but keeps its industrial base.

Take a staycation break here on the Westside

Keep the money local: biking, paddling and economic development in Washington County, which has it all.

Fair work week and drug decriminalization in Oregon

There is an increasing recognition that inconsistent scheduling can cause great disruption in the lives of wage earners.

The Goat Blocks: Placemaking over style

Portland Architecture columnist Brian Libby reviews the recently completed Goat Blocks development on Belmont.

Downtown Portland is booming

Downtown Clean & Safe reports a 19 percent net increase in foot traffic over the June 2016 count.

Millennials may not be moving out

The recession may be in the rearview mirror, but many Millennials who moved back home have decided to stay.

Understanding management and control

Contracting opportunities are plentiful, but do you know the best way to get connected to them?

Timeshare contracts: How to get in and how to get…

Millions of Americans have purchased a timeshare. Nine million households to be exact, according to the American Resort Development Association and…

Parks play into the Westside economy

Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District delivers the lifestyle that well-paid workers expect.

A landmark threatened from within

Earthquakes may endanger our historic buildings, but we mustn't let those concerns be manipulated

Relax and have a burger at Stanich's classic

Northeast Fremont burger joint has been perfecting the sandwich for 68 years.

Tune into your competition

Competition is one factor that makes public procurement efforts successful though many often view competition as a barrier.

President Trump intends an overhaul of federal tax…

Pass-throughs that that avoid entity-level taxation take center stage in potential Trump tax reshuffle.

The highs and lows of crowdfunding

Stop with the kitschy and give us stuff we need

Current to currency: Bitcoin can store electricity

Local man turned electricity into cryptocash from 10,000 miles away, and now rides the wave.

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